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How to look after DPR products that are to be used in an exposed application

Supplier: DPR Hardwood
11 October, 2010

Please note that for advice relating to different paint systems available it is recommended that you consult with your local paint supplier.


If the timber is going to be used at a later date then it is important to minimise surface checking *by applying a base coat of an oil based primer and then storing the timber in a flat, elevated position protected from the sun and rain.

Step 2

Before and during construction ensure that all timbers are primed, including joints.

Step 3

Apply Two (2) top coats with either an acrylic or oil based enamel.

*Surface checking is a natural process whereby unseasoned timber dries out. As a consequence fine cracks (checking) appear. These checks will close again with time once the centre of the piece dries out. Coating the timber helps to minimise checking by slowing down the moisture loss