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How to optimise the network for extreme conditions

Supplier: Control Logic
10 February, 2014

Extreme conditions don't need to make the network go down.

A new white paper explains how extreme conditions affect switch performance, and details features that help mitigate change and explores ways to optimise the network by using industrial Ethernet to maximum uptime.

As an Ethernet switch approaches the limits of its operating temperature, it starts slowing down and may drop packets.

When an Ethernet switch gets too cold or hot, its components simply fail to function. That means that data cannot be communicated or stored, which blocks visibility into operations and hampers automated control systems.

The value of the data managed by Ethernet switches in remote environments is not only the data itself, but the crucial role it plays in supporting automated network systems.

Interrupted flow of data may cause networking equipment, production control software, and even security and safety systems to shut down unexpectedly. When this happens, operators are left without working systems, and perhaps without the ability to diagnose and correct issues before they become major problems.

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