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How to paint sheet metal

Supplier: BulliBuilt Pty Ltd By: N Bull
11 February, 2016

Paint is not just for decoration, it's for protection too.

Over the years of being exposed to weather, sheet metal can rust and the paint could easily start flaking off the surface, revealing the ugly sight of rusted metal. If you want your project to stay in tip top condition despite of the adverse weather conditions that it will have to withstand, the fabricators of air conditioning ducts and customised sheet metal in Moorabbin is here with a few tips.

Remove old paint

Firstly, if you are repainting an old rusted sheet metal, you will definitely have to remove the old paint to make way for the new paint. You can simply use a wire brush to remove the old paint, or you could use a drill with a wire brush to make your job a whole lot easier. That way you will get your sheet metal clean and ready to be repainted.

Apply primer

Next you will have to spray paint your sheet metal with a primer. At this stage, ensure that you are coating the sheet metal lightly and not overdoing it. Ensure that you are coating the sheet metal as even as possible and build the layers to ensure that every single spot is covered.

Paint with paint brush

After your sheet metal is coated with a primer, it is time for you to paint the sheet metal with a paint brush. You have to always make sure that you do not have too much paint on your brush to prevent any paint from dripping all over. 

Apply second coat

Last but not least, apply a second coat onto your sheet metal to ensure its longetivity and that it will not be too affected by adverse weather and prevents the sheet metal from rusting. After all, you want your sheet metal to stay in tip top condition as long as possible.

Those are some tips from us the fabricators of customised longer sheet metal in Melbourne, Bullit Built. For any help with customised sheet metal in Moorabbin, contact Bulli Built now for immediate help. Our experienced team of sheet metal fabricators are always ready at hand for your next project.