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How to write a News Release

Supplier: Industracom
12 September, 2013

A well written company News Press Release can effectively communicate important newsworthy events to the marketplace.

A News Release is different from a Feature Article or Product Release. You may wish to submit any of the following types of News Releases:

  • Awards won and recognition received – the significance of the award for the company and why it won.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – what significance the merger/acquisition has for all companies involved, and perhaps a quote from management/key opinion leaders.
  • New capabilities, production or distribution processes
  • New customer wins or successful implementations for new customers
  • New management staff or new partnerships – containing information such as: who the new person/s filling the role is; background information about the person/s; and a quote from the person/s detailing how they feel about the new position and its responsibilities.
  • Reactions from opinion leaders (company management) to industry announcements – the impact/potential impact new changes in funding or policy (government or otherwise) have for particular sectors of industry.
  • Any other recent and relevant company news – write a few paragraphs about the latest industry updates that will be of interest to your target market.

Optimising your News Press Release for search engines

Write with search engines in mind as they can provide extra traffic for your content.

Use Google's Keyword Planner to find the most highly searched keyword phrases relating to the article’s subject. Pick one or two popular phrases and use them throughout your article. Include them in the headline, first paragraph and main content.

Keyword suggestions:
- You stand a better chance of ranking for 3 or 4 word phrases than 1 or 2 word phrases.
- Use your keyword phrases early on in the headline, first paragraph and main content.
- Don't overuse or place keywords in non structured sentences. This can harm your rankings.

Writing your News Press Release

  1. Headline - Summarise the news event in one short line to use as the headline. Use roughly nine to ten words.
  2. Introduction - In a short introductory paragraph clearly summarise the news event that has happened.
  3. Body - Here are some ideas:
    1. Explain why this news is important
    2. Say how this news came about and what led to it happening
    3. What affect will it have on the marketplace?
    4. Include quotes from people involved in this news. Include their full name, position and title
    5. Mention other interesting facts or supporting data that relates to this news. (this adds credibility)
  4. Conclusion - Objectively summarise the important facts about this news