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Supplier: Field Rubber Ltd
23 January, 2009

With more than 50 years experience, Field Rubber have been producing advanced rubber mouldings almost as long as rubber has been available as an engineering material. By focussing on careful raw materials selection, and controlling all aspects of the process in house special compounds can be produced to suit each customer application.

Product Development

By taking advantage of the technical expertise of our staff and our systems, our clients are able to develop superior solutions to their rubber moulding requirements.


Our advanced laboratory is available to assist our clients across all aspects of the production process. From raw materials selection and testing through prototyping and final product quality control, extensive testing and reporting is available.


Field Rubber has been assisting clients with custom rubber mouldings for more than 50 years. In that time we have acquired a base of knowledge that covers all aspects of our industry. More importantly , that experience is available to our clients to assist them in finding the most cost effective solution to their rubber moulding requirements.


As a New Zealand company Field Rubber have become accustomed to the unique challenges presented by a short runs, complex requirements and tight cost/quality parameters. Having thrived for more than 50 years in such a challenging environment, we are able to claim excellence in flexibility! Whether it is an urgent run, or a complex change, Field Rubber have the experience, knowledge and equipment.

Control of the Entire Process

Perhaps the single biggest advantage that we offer our clients is our control over the entire manufacturing process. From raw material selection and testing, through tool design and manufacture, until the production process is complete, all aspects of our clients requirements are carried out by our staff on our premises. This control leads to superior quality at an extremely efficient cost.