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HPC Equipment

HPC Equipment is the Australian importer and distributer of the Herbst and Warwick trailers and equipment. Herbst and Warwick specialise in trailers that are extremely durable and practical for use on commercial and private farms, construction sites, and landscape and construction businesses.

With Herbst & Warwick possessing a combined 75 years of experience in manufacturing trailers, HPC Equipment is truly interested in bringing you only the very best- so that your purchase really is an investment for you and your business.

Born out of a personal desire to obtain a high quality and yet competitively priced farm trailer within Australia, HPC delivers the very best of what heavy duty trailer manufacturers have to offer; with real commercial applications being the driving force behind the design and functionality of each trailer.

The applications of our trailers are limited only by your imagination. We think it makes more sense for you to be able to personally move your product around efficiency and safely without having to hire transport trucks.

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In Europe, running trucks is costly and involves a great deal of paperwork. As a result, over the last 20 years a great shift has been seen towards the tractor and trailer partnership.

The versatility that a tractor offers over a truck is quite remarkable. A tractor may not be as quick over a bitumen track but tractors can travel where trucks cannot, and can do so in a variety of weather conditions. Old trucks are invariably unreliable and require the annual road worthy certificate.

If you already have one or more tractors on your property, it makes sense to partner them with a durable and flexible trailer.

A vast range of trailers are now available- bale, muck, general, dump , livestock to name just a few. New Zealanders too have discovered the numerous benefits of the tractor and trailer partnership - taking advantage and utilising the trailer for forestry, earth moving, quarrying and landscaping businesses.

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