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HR co-ordinator uses more user-friendly system for HR records

Supplier: Compact Business Systems
29 September, 2011

Right person, right time, right idea ... Result? This human resources co-ordinator is very happy to have a more user-friendly system for her HR records!

Sometimes the right person with the right idea to solve a problem can turn up just when they’re really needed.

This is how it was for Sharon Kroon, who has had the role of Human Resources Co-ordinator at Scholle Industries in Adelaide for two years, been employed here for 12 years.

This firm specialises in manufacturing flexible packaging (i.e. bladders) for liquids such as wine, and bulk products used in the food industry such as thick-shake mix, syrups, fruit juices and pulp. It employs 280 people, (in the Australian location).

Lots of bulky folders
"Keeping proper records for so many employees has been a headache. It’s almost impossible to keep an assortment of documents neatly contained in the traditional manila folders—let alone get to the information you want quickly and easily. And the folders themselves become very scruffy,"Sharon says.

When an employee has several years service, their HR file becomes bloated and hard to handle. Two-thirds of Scholle’s staff had been there for five or more years, so there was a real problem!

Pushing for a change
"The auditors were on my back to get some different files, Sharon says, and I was looking at folders and about to order more stationery when a Compact Business Systems staff member rang."

I told him my problem, he showed me the purpose-built files that Compact make for human resource file management, and I thought, ‘Perfect!’

Strong construction; good looks
"I really liked the way Compact’s folders are so strongly constructed, and then coated with Mylar to keep them looking good. I ordered 500 of the staff files and 200 of the workcover files so I could transfer our current staff records and have enough for new employees —and besides, there’s a discount available if you purchase in bulk.

Special order? Can do!
"I also asked him if Compact would make up a non-standard order for leave folders. He got back to me within 24 hours to say yes, they could."

A promise is only as good as its timely delivery.

Received everything within the month
"I put in our order for everything in mid-November. I was pleased to receive the HR files within one week, and the work-cover files within two. The special order had to be made up in Brisbane and sent to Adelaide, and it still reached us within four weeks," Sharon says.

I’m really happy to have a system that’s more user-friendly. I can go directly to whatever I want now, so there’s a saving in time. There’s just no comparison between our old system and this one.

"I’m also looking forward to the auditors’ reactions, when they come in April!"

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