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HR Consulting


We recognise that each of our clients is unique and our consulting process is specifically designed to identify a solution to meet your requirements.

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We endeavour to fully understand your business, its drivers, culture and objectives and tailor our products and services to meet your specific needs. Flexible, reliable and highly skilled, our capability encompasses the entire employment life cycle and we ensure that our interventions are sustainable and can be self-run and managed. 

Our HR Consulting services provide expert advice in the following areas:
Change Management – We’ll ensure your business successfully manages change and reduces disruption and risk by creating positive engagement with your team and moving quickly through the change curve. We’ll help you manage the multitude of cultural, employee relations and strategic issues that often come with organisational change.
Human Resource Compliance – Throughout all our dealings with you we will ensure that you not only deploy best practice processes but that they are also legally sound. The field of human resources and workplace health is a complex landscape from a compliance point of view and we endeavour to keep you informed through our consulting, products and e-news service.
Exit Strategies & Redundancies – Whether voluntarily or involuntarily leaving your organisation, an employee’s departure needs to be handled with care and caution. There are high risks to your business although with the correct procedures, your business can mitigate these risks. We can provide support in appropriately managing your terminations including entitlements and remuneration, dismissal & redundancy provisions, letters of separation and conducting exit interviews.
Human Resource Training – We provide training in all areas of HR for Managers and staff.
Human Resource Strategy, Audits & Evaluation – We provide HR Strategic advice as well as audit services of your current HR practices and policies through our HR Executive Assessment process.
Performance Counselling Coaching and Training – Managing performance or disciplinary issues in an effective, efficient and legally sound manner is one of the most important skills Managers must have.  Though individual coaching or group training, we provide a step-by-step process with supporting documents and advice that ensures you are knowledgeable and confident with managing these difficult and sometime complex situations.
Performance Management Systems, Coaching & Advice – An effective performance management cycle recognises and rewards excellence and ensures your organisation’s goals are effectively and efficiently achieved. Our performance management system is tailored to your business strategy, goals and values and ensures an integrated approach to developing performance outcomes (the what) and behaviours (the how) of individuals and teams. We help you implement the system with highly effective management training and a comprehensive communication plan.
Policy and Procedure Development – Enacting your HR Strategy with well-constructed and up-to-date policies and procedures reduces your risks as well as sending the right message to your team about conduct in the workplace. We can assist you with the revision of your current policies or you can go to our library for professionally drafted and up-to-date policies and procedures in all areas of human resources and workplace safety. Our HR and Workplace Safety Policy Compliance Packs will get you started.
Remuneration, Reward and Employee Benefit Programs – A key part of attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent lies in your remuneration, reward and benefits strategy.  Helping you understand market movements / trends and your legislative requirements will form an important basis on which to form your strategy. 
Role Definition, Recruitment, Induction – Being clear on your role requirements, employing a suitable recruitment strategy and implementing a carefully thought out induction program are the fundamental tenets of any HR strategy. We can provide clear, succinct advice in each of these areas which can be supplemented with templates such as employment contracts, behavioural interview questionnaires, induction programs and checklists.
Workplace Health, Safety & Wellbeing – The realm of health and safety in the workplace is a complex landscape especially for those business owners operating in more than one state (even with the harmonisation of OHS legislation from January 2012). We work with you to make implementing workplace health and safety initiatives easy and straight forward.
Workplace Investigations – Any investigation on workplace issues must be handled with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. As an impartial third party with advanced skills in this area, we can conduct the investigation for you and provide you with a full report of the findings. We can also provide guidance and training on dispute management. Absolute confidentiality and integrity is assured.