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HR file systems helps ATCO Controls set up records system from scratch

Supplier: Compact Business Systems
29 September, 2011

Filling a tall order—on time—is just part of Compact Business System’s obliging service ... the other part is their brilliant HR file system!

ATCO Controls in Tullamarine, Vic, is part of the international Tridonico organisation that provides energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial needs. The Australian office has expanded from being a family company to the point where a human resources manager is now essential.

The person in this role is Phil Turton—and he needed to set up an HR records system from scratch.

Taking the hard road that gets easier
Late in 2003, Phil contacted Compact Business Systems’ Warren McLean, having previously received marketing materials from him. Phil wanted to streamline the existing cumbersome records of ATCO’s 600 staff members into separate HR and payroll sections for better management.

We bought 600 employee files for the establishment of the HR Department, and 600 for the payroll, to replace the old all-inclusive files that had been used.

"We had to go through and split up the information they contained into very broad categories, which Compact’s system helped us to do, then re-establish a more professional-looking, simpler HR and payroll scheme. Compact’s system is very convenient for trapping and sorting that information," Phil says.

Efficient use of space with lateral system
And in terms of physically storing all the HR files, Compact Business System’s lateral filing system lends itself to our situation very well!

"It allows us to find any file at a glance, and to store more files than a regular filing system would, in the same area."

Compact’s old-fashioned ideas of service
In a world where personal service is generally diminishing, Compact Business Systems prides itself on being a people-oriented organisation and has actually increased its customer-service staffing.

Meeting this client’s special requirements within deadline
Phil’s experiences support this. He had a special requirement—to take delivery of the new filing system just before ATCO officially closed down for the Christmas period on 19 December.

"Warren was very good," Phil says. "He came out here when I asked him, and he made sure the files were despatched so they’d be available when we needed them."

We’d arranged to make the change-over and set them up during the Christmas period, when everyone was away.

Keeping the client informed
He was also very supportive in identifying what parts I wanted, and once they were sent from Brisbane, he made sure I knew just where they were, and that yes, they would certainly be delivered on time.

Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of our shut-down period to get the new systems up and running.

So if Warren is a reflection of Compact Business Systems’ ethos, then they certainly are a very obliging company!