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HR files assists firm to comply with industry regulations

Supplier: Compact Business Systems
29 September, 2011

Executive tells how using Compact Business Systems’ HR files assists her firm to comply with industry regulations.

An unexpected opportunity presents itself, is recognised and grasped.

That’s how Golden Bros Group, a national warehousing and logistics firm based in Melbourne, came to have a super-efficient filing system for its human resources.

Went for ID; brought back HR
Rose Montague, the company’s Health, Safety and Environment Manager, recalls that a search for visitor ID tags for Golden Bros led her to a government department.

This was where she finally saw the exact type she needed—and more, besides.

She saw a human resources filing system that she immediately knew would streamline her own records, and found out that Compact Business Systems were the suppliers.

Rose tells the story
"We didn’t really have a very good HR filing system before," Rose recalls. "It was mixed and varied, and although we managed, it was labour-intensive to maintain and update."

"A Representative from Compact came out and sat down with us to show us the folders and tell us about the pricing. It was a fairly easy process," she says.

No opposition to this idea!
It may happen that when one person sees a new system that will solve problems, they meet with opposition from colleagues who can’t see the long-term gain for the short-term pain involved in setting up the new scheme. Not Golden Bros, though!

"We’re very lucky because our company is very positive," Rose says. "They were keen to have something that was going to make it a lot easier for us to keep records for what we needed to keep track of."

A regulatory role means extra care
My role is in the regulatory side of things, to make sure that we comply with industry regulations.

Now we’re using Compact Business Systems’ CR185 records for our human resources, it’s far easier to check that we do comply.

A prompt from this system
The system actually encourages people to enter information. That’s been very good for us.

So that’s the biggest benefit, from my point of view!

I couldn’t yet say that the system has directly saved us money, but if something goes wrong and we don’t have the right information, we could be liable.

"So it helps us to make sure that we are compliant with the regulations," Rose says.