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HSK Toolholders

Supplier: SEI Carbide Australia

Toolholders with HSK taper per DIN STD 69893 are used on modern CNC milling machines of the latest generation.


For coolant through tools HSK toolholders can be equipped with a coolant tube (KSR) that ducts the coolant directly to the cutting tool, hereby avoiding coolant to enter and soil the HSK taper area.

REGO-FIX® Q+ HSK-A toolholders are balanced by design to G 6.3 @ 15,000 min-1, HSK-A 32 toolholders are balanced to G 2.5 @ 18’000 min-1, HSK-E toolholders are balanced to G 2.5 @ 25’000 min-1.

Type H colletholders are ready to accept Hi-Q balancing rings. The balancing rings allow precision balancing to 42’000 min-1.

For highest precision and best results the whole system counts. For that reason all REGO-FIX® components (collets, clamping nuts and tool- holders) are carefully matched to fit together. This guarantees lowest T.I.R. and maximum balancing. For best manufacturing results and longest tool life, please use REGO-FIX® toolholders together with

REGO-FIX® collets and clamping nuts only.

For highest clamping force, as required for tapping with GB collets or ET1 collets we recommend REGO-FIX® friction bearing nuts. REGO-FIX® end mill holders and universal shell mill/face mill holders are manufactured to the same exacting standards as all other REGO-FIX® products.

For all HSK-A toolholders following coolant tubes (KSR) can be used:


  • Quality of HSK Toolholders:
    • Made to ISO 9001; DIN STD 69893
    • Product consistency and worldwide acceptance
  • Material of HSK Toolholders:
    • High tensile strength case-hardened steel
    • Reduced wear and increased life
  • High Precision of HSK Toolholders:
    • Hollow taper accuracy to AT3 tolerances
    • Better spindle-to-holder fit and accuracy
  • Q+ Balancing of HSK Toolholders:
    • Form A: G 6.3 @ 15’000 min -1 , HSK-A 32: G 2.5 @ 18’000 min -1,
    • Form E: G 2.5 @ 25’000 min -1
    • Ideal for all applications including high-speed
  • Hi-Q Balancing System of HSK Toolholders:
    • Ready to accept Hi-Q balancing rings.
    • System balanceable to 42’000min-1
  • Thread of HSK Toolholders:
    • For back-up screw
  • Marking of HSK Toolholders:
    • Type and size markings easy to read
    • Reduced tool selection errors
  • Product Traceability of HSK Toolholders:
    • Lot number marked on toolholders
    • Quality control and accountability
  • Matched Tooling System of HSK Toolholders for Best Fit:
    • ER collet, toolholders, clamping nut and spanner all from REGO-FIX®
    • Whole system stands for highest precision and longest tool life
  • Finish of HSK Toolholders:
    • Special thread design
    • Easier threading
  • Surface Finish of HSK Toolholders:
    • max. Ra 0.25
    • High clamping force
  • Runout of HSK Toolholders:
    • O.D. to I.D. max. 0.003 mm
    • Better machining results


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