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HSPR: Worker-friendly process in place of welding

Supplier: Henrob By: Stuart Blacket
03 August, 2010

Henrob is making a significant change to the health and safety of workers across Australia.

The consequences of hazardous practices in welding are well known to managers and operators alike. Beyond the general risks like burns and flashes, the long-lasting health effects, particularly respiratory issues, can be much more damaging. 
With their self-pierce riveting technology, Henrob eliminates the need for welding and consequently presents an environmentally and worker-friendly process - with no heat, fumes, sparks or waste. 
Henrob recognises that welding in hot factories can be uncomfortable - and in some cases situations can actually be harmful. According to Henrob, this solution is being used by the world's elite manufacturing companies as they recognise the importance of creating a safe and clean working environment. Eliminating welding through self-pierce riveting technology is a large part of that. 
The occurrence of RSI injuries to the shoulders or wrists (caused by inserting screws) is a major concern for company managers. The application of self-drilling screws day in and day out, especially when used in high strength steel, causes fatigue for operators and can even result in significant injury. 
Talking to managers and operators over the years, Henrob has discovered that its emphasis on a safer, cleaner working environment helps to increase productivity. Because the process takes little physical exertion, workers do not face the same problems with exhaustion and injury. 
The Bailey's ladder division of Hills Industries uses Henrob's technology and believes that it helps to decrease health issues in its workplace and increase productivity. Hills Industries finds that the lack of noise means that operators do not have to wear earplugs. There is no springback in the process, and the machine remains virtually motionless while it operates. Hills Industries finds this makes everything much more comfortable for the worker.
Henrob SPR vs Welding