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Humidification System for Display Stands - Perfect Cool Umi

Supplier: Tecpro Australia

Longer lasting fresh produce with the Idrotech Perfect Cool Umi

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Tecpro Australia introduces the Idrotech Perfect Cool Umi which provides the ideal humidity for fresh food.

Today you can offer your customers fresh produce, which appears to have come straight from the fields. Thanks to Perfect Cool Umi - the humidification system for your display stands - your fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese are prevented from dehydrating.

Fridge compartments, product display areas, and storehouses are all low humidity environments (50/60%) which cause dehydration, weight loss and loss of freshness.

  • Perfect Cool Umi offers considerable benefits to sellers:
  • Weight loss of fresh produce is cut by as much as 58% and freshness is extended by up to 72 hours.
  • Turnover is increased and product losses in fresh fruit and vegetable products are minimised.
  • Staff do not have the responsibility of spraying the fruit and vegetables or moving them to other environments.

The Perfect Cool Umi system is very adaptable and can be used for vertical stalls, horizontal stalls, aisles and more. Used in the store house, it controls humidity, simply and cost effectively.

It is controlled by a cyclical timer which can be set at various intervals (ideally 4 seconds every 10/15 minutes). The water requirement for the average system of 40 nozzles, is 40/60 litres every 24 hours.

Water from the mains is filtered and flows into a pump module which pressurizes the water to 20-60 bar pressure. The pressurized water is channelled through stainless steel or polyamide pipes (9-12mm) and flows out through special nozzles which nebulize the water into particles of between 10-12 micro in size. The very fine fog forms a thin layer of micro water over the produce, protecting and rehydrating the fruit and vegetables, making them fresh for longer and improving their appearance.

Furthermore, the process does not pose any problems for the shopper who finds himself under the fog effect.

With a Perfect Cool Umi system in place, product maintenance is much simpler, allowing for considerably lower management costs.