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Huntsman Composite Wood Products - Glossary of terms

Supplier: Huntsman Polyurethanes

This report is intended as a glossary of commonly used terms in the forest products and isocyanate (wood related) industry – the terms listed include both wood specific and glue specific terms. The terms are listed alphabetically. The original source of definitions is indicated.

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Glossary of terms

  • Acid - A substance which liberates hydrogen ions in solution; substance which contains
    hydrogen which may be replaced by a metal to form a salt; substance having a tendency to lose protons.
    Many acids are corrosive, have a sour taste, and turn litmus red.1
  • Acid value - A measure of the residual acidity of a substance, e.g. a polyester. Measured in mgKOH/g needed to neutralize the acidity.2
  • Acoustical board - A low-density, sound absorbing structural insulating board having a factory-applied finish and a fissured, felted-fibre, slotted or perforated surface pattern provided to reduce sound reflection. Usually supplied for use in the form of tiles.3
  • Addition reaction - A chemical reaction in which molecules are brought together such that only one product is produced. Typically related to the reaction between an unsaturated
    organic material in which the double bond is converted to a single bond. Also
    related to the reaction of isocyanates with alcohols to form urethane bonds.
  • Adhere - To cause two surfaces to be held together by adhesion.3
  • Adherend - A body which is held to another body by an adhesive.3
  • Adhesion - The state in which two surfaces are held together by interfacial forces which may consist of valence forces or interlocking action or both.3
  • Adhesion, mechanical - Adhesion between surfaces in which the adhesive holds the parts together by interlocking action.3
  • Adhesion, specific - Adhesion between surfaces, which are, held together by valence forces of the same type as those which give rise to cohesion.3
  • Adhesive - Substance used for sticking surfaces together.1
  • Adhesive, assembly - An adhesive which can be used for bonding parts together, such as in the manufacture of a boat, aeroplane, furniture, and the like.

    Note: The term “assembly adhesive” is commonly used in the wood industry to distinguish such adhesives (formerly called “joint glues”) from those used in making plywood (sometimes called “veneer glues”).

    It is applied to adhesives used in fabricating finished structures or goods, or subassemblies thereof, as differentiated from adhesives used in the production of sheet materials for sale as such, for example, plywood or laminates.3
  • Adhesive, cold-setting - An adhesive which sets at temperatures below 20 deg C.3
  • Adhesive, contact - An adhesive which is apparently dry to the touch and which will adhere to itself instantaneously upon contact; also called contact bond adhesive or dry bond adhesive.3
  • Adhesive, gap-filling - Adhesive suitable for use where the surfaces to be joined may not be in close or continuous contact owing either to the impossibility of applying adequate pressure or to slight inaccuracies in matching mating surfaces.3
  • Adhesive, heat-activated - A dry adhesive film which is rendered tacky or fluid by application of heat or heat and pressure to the assembly.3


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