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Huntsman Panel Laminating

Supplier: Huntsman Polyurethanes

Continuous lamination is generally used for the large-scale manufacture of long production runs with a standard design.

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Construction panels, made in a continuous process, can be manufactured by bonding steel, aluminum or foil-stressed skin materials to polyurethane or polystyrene foam, mineral wool or other insulating cores.

Sandwich panels are an attractive option in new buildings such as machine halls, cold storage rooms, mobile homes and warehouses. Modern bonding technology must meet the increasing performance demands on products and goods for the construction industry.

With Huntsman Polyurethanes’ adhesive systems for continuous panel laminating (CPL), based on its SUPRASEC diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) and DALTOFOAM formulated polyol blend, higher efficiency targets can be reached and production outputs increased.

Adhesive systems developed by Huntsman enhance the performance of sandwich boards with features such as faster green-strength build-up, greater flexibility and higher bonding strength.

The equipment to produce the panels is a relatively high investment cost but the production and labor cost is low. New continuous panel laminators or double-belt laminators have been designed to increase production speed. To accommodate the requirements of this new machinery, Huntsman Polyurethanes has introduced a new generation of panel laminating polyurethane adhesives.

The excellent sealing process provided by Huntsman Polyurethanes’ adhesives based on SUPRASEC MDI and DALTOFOAM polyol blend allows the laminated panel to absorb the stresses of the structural weight while providing excellent thermal adaptability.


Application methods for high performance elastomeric systems

  1. Fingertips + wiper
    Both materials are side by side on the surface and are mixed by wiper on the inner facing surface. Results in some distribution fluctuations.
  2. Dispensing technique
    Both materials are mixed under low pressure conditions prior to use. Adhesive system is put on the substrates. Results in an even distribution
  3. Spray application
    Both materials are mixed under low or high pressure conditions prior use. Adhesive system sprayed on the facings. Results in an even distribution.

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