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Hurco Machining Centers-Hurco WinMax Control

Supplier: Betta Machine Tools

. Some machine tool companies want you to think there's really little difference between machine tool brands. Hurco can't disagree more. The important thing is to understand the real differences and select the equipment that is best for your operation. Hurco’s differences are very pronounced, though not all are obvious at first glance. The Hurco control allows shops to choose the most efficient way to program parts for each job. It is flexible and powerful primarily because of its simplicity. That’s also why Hurco offers such an intelligent breadth of machining centers. Each series has its own well-defined place in the market. Chances are, you’ll find just what you need in one of Hurco’s 12 machining center models.

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The integrated Hurco control is your best asset to stay competitive. Hurco has invested time, money, and valuable R&D resources to design control software that has meaningful and measurable productivity features. When you purchase a Hurco turning or machining center, you are investing in technology that will pay off in a big way.

At Hurco, our integrated control with WinMax  is the best option to yield immediate productivity gains and long-term technology benefits. But we realize that every company is telling you their control is best.

To illustrate why we have the best control in the industry, we've divided control considerations into three categories:

The control software: WinMax  is power packed with new features to increase productivity and provide consistently improved surface finish. Many of these features qualify as Process Automation Software that will save you significant amounts of programming time and manual process steps. As always with Hurco, you'll benefit from the most flexible control in the industry—you get both conversational and NC programming standard with our control.

The console of the control: Whether you choose the MAX single screen or the UltiMax dual screen control console, you'll benefit from an ergonomic design that is unmatched in our industry.

The Control Software

WinMax  control software is our proprietary software that is based on an open architecture system. Whether a control's software is "open" or "closed" matters for the future. Because we decided to use the proven platform of Microsoft Windows, the Hurco control is more likely to be compatible with future technology. A closed software system is exactly what it sounds like—closed to improvement, closed to external compatibility, and closed to compatibility with future technology advancements.

Flexibility is the hallmark of the Hurco control. Why should you be boxed in or forced to choose between G-Code or shop floor programming. WinMax lets you decide the best way to approach each job—G-Code, conversational, or send the CAD file directly to the control with DXF Transfer.

In the world of CNC machine tools, Process Automation equals software features that are relevant to your operation and save you time. With WinMax , we've included 25 new features designed to save you time and provide consistent surface finish quality. Additionally, we've invested thousands of hours in testing and rewriting code in order to streamline programming and eliminate redundancy—and that will save you time, minimize data entry errors, and might even save you some frustration.

 Control consoles that epitomize ergonomic design

With most consoles you face a barrage of buttons with tiny labels that require sustained squinting to decipher. At Hurco, we take ergonomics seriously. Afterall, if you spend the majority of your workweek at our control, shouldn't it be designed with your comfort in mind? We think so. That's why you can immediately see the difference in the way we designed our control's console—big buttons that are easy to press with labels that make sense and you can easily see and a high-quality color LCD screen that is tilted and rotates to minimize glare.

Your comfort is important, but the ergonomic design of the console also facilitates faster programming, reduces the learning curve for new hires, reduces errors, and gives you more control over the entire process. The resolution and touch-screen capability of the LCD screens support the powerful Advanced Verification Graphics and graphical user interface that is integral to our new WinMax Control Software. Both the single-screen console (MAX) and the dual-screen (UltiMax) will make you wonder how you ever survived with those clunky consoles on other controls.