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HyChill Australia

HyChill Australia | Environmental Preferable Refrigerants

HyChill Australia

High performance hydrocarbon refrigerants produced by HyChill have set high standards as quality refrigerants for air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia, HyChill refrigerants have been verified as environmentally preferable: GECA Standard 26/2005 - Licence No. HY-2006 - Refrigerants

The rapid growth of environmentalism throughout the world has lead to a huge increase in demand for naturally occurring refrigerant gases, with no damage to the ozone layer and minimal impact on global warming, such as those supplied by HyChill.

Thermodynamically superior, hydrocarbon refrigerants, including R290, R600a, R1270, R170 are obtaining a solid reputation as high performance replacements for CFC's, HCFC's and HFC's.

HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants are extremely reliable, safe to use, energy efficient, and an excellent choice from an environmental aspect.

HyChill is proud to be at the forefront of hydrocarbon refrigerant technology, and welcomes any enquiry you may have regarding the various HyChill products and services available.

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