HYDAC Accessories for mounting diesel particulate filters

Supplier: HYDAC International
24 February, 2012

HYDAC accessories is ensuring that diesel particulate filters remain securely mounted to the machines and vehicles concerned.

All clamping bands are made of high-grade steel with positive characteristics such as rust and heat resistance.

The removal of profoundly carcinogenic diesel particles from exhaust fumes is becoming increasingly important amongst manufacturers of automotive vehicles and construction machinery and their suppliers, as a result of statutory requirements, political and public pressure, as well as competitive advantages.

HYDAC accessories have been collaborating for years with manufacturers of diesel particulate filters and retrofit companies.

The areas of application are diverse:

  • Tunnel construction machinery and equipment
  • Underground mining machinery and equipment
  • Construction vehicles and machinery
  • Compressors and generators
  • Loaders, dumpers
  • Forklifts (diesel powered in enclosed spaces)
  • Locomotives
  • City buses (currently approx. 80% operate without carbon particulate filters)
  • Heavy goods vehicles
  • Generators and emergency generators
  • Ships, including passenger ferries

For more information please contact your nearest HYDAC branch at:

1300 449 322