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HYDAC Gas Filters GCF

Supplier: HYDAC International

The HYDAC Gas Filters series GCF line are high performance change-over duplex coalescing filters in stainless steel which have been specially developed for use in dry gas seals in turbo compressors.

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All the filter components, including the filter housings are made of stainless steel machined parts without weld connections and comply with the requirements of API 614-5.

The gas being filtered enters the relevant filter housing through the filter inlet on the lower change-over valve. The flow direction through the element is from in to out. Particle contamination is removed and retained in the filter element. In addition liquid phases (aerosols / oil mists) are coalesced by the filter element and will be drained out of the filter. Extra drain reservoir or conditioning systems can be mounted onto the filter.

Features and advantages

  • Filtration rating from 0,5 µm to 25 µm; stainless steel depth filtration with high porosity.
  • Modular filter – cyclone pre-separator is available as an option.
  • Compact filter design, optimised for pressure and flow.
  • Change-over valve design (does not interrupt filtration), specially designed for the Hydac duplex filter, gas tight in all port directions, spindle has an anti blow-out device and the springs are encapsulated.
  • Duplex seals without exception throughout the whole filter.
  • All flow paths throughout the filter are "full-port" - no cross sections in the filter are restricted relative to the inlet cross section.
  • Efficient pre-separation of liquids and particles through the use of integrated cyclone – even under increased flow rates.
  • Minimum pressure loss as well pressure drops at the whole seal gas filter.
  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • High particulate and coalescing filtration performance.
  • All International design codes available.

For more information please contact your nearest HYDAC branch at:

  • 1300 449 322
  • www.hydac.com.au

HYDAC GCF for Dry Seal Systems