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Advertising Hydration Trailer (pre-filled) is a versatile trailer and ideal for those that require a portable hydration station.

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Water Tank on Stand (pre-filled) is conveniently used for adventurous sports such as  fun runs, bike rides and other events where a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre tank is essential.  Water tank (trailer) is best suitable  for sites or events where portability of water is the key.


  • Advertising Hydration Trailer is a portable hydration station used  for various events. It has the ability to provide cold drinking water even when the weather conditions are hot.
  • Water Tank on Stand (pre-filled) is used exclusively for bike rides, fun runs and other water sport events.
  • Water tank (trailer) is best suitable for the events where portability of the water is a necessity.


  • The highly facilitated 4 water bubblers and 4 bottle fillers in Advertising Hydration Trailer gives multiple  access to water simultaneously which comes pre-filled.
  • The durable double axle trailer and ergonomic adjustable front wheel can easily be moved around the site as required.
  • A chiller box is exclusively included with this trailer to ensure a cold drinking water supply even on a hot day.
  • The flow of water in Water Tank on Stand (pre-filled) is easily gravity fed, removing the need of a pump. It also has an optional banner post which can be used for effective advertisement.
  • A chiller box is additionally included with this tank for cold drinking water.
  • Water tank (trailer) comes with a convenient double axle trailer with ergonomic adjustable front wheel.
  • It comes with  wide variety of  drinking taps, hoses, pumps, sprayers and chillers to adjust according to the need. It can also be used for advertisement as it has an optional banner mount.


  • Advertising Hydration Trailer has a 600L capacity. It is provided with 4 x bubblers for multiple access.
  • It is equipped with Double axle trailer.
  • Water Tank on Stand (pre-filled) has the capacity of 600-1000L. It is provided with an inspection hatch.
  • No pump is required as the tank is gravity fed.
  • A mount for optional water chillers is included. An optional banner post is also provided with the tank for advertisement
  • Water tank (trailer) has a capacity of 1000L to 2000L. It comes with a double axle trailer for comfortable movement of the tank.
  • The high quality poly material makes it durable. Optional banner mounts are provided for advertisement if necessary.