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Hydraulic Design Software | xpculvert

Supplier: XP Software

Go beyond the approximations of the nomograph to a detailed and precise computational solution for the complex problem of culvert hydraulics with xpculvert.

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Model flows well beyond the useful range of existing graphical methods. Design and analyze multi-cell culverts, unlike many current market products that can only design or analyse a single conduit. xpculvert uses the universally accepted procedures of the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highways Administration (FHWA), Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts.

Why Use xpculvert?

xpculvert saves significant time through its easy to use interface when designing or analysing even the most complex culverts and ponds.

xpculvert is the first and only combined culvert and pond analyser to use the full unsteady flow equations in conjunction with the US-FHWA inlet rating equation.

The latest features within xpculvert include:

  • Graphical outputs, visual cross sections and printable outputs
  • Export to Excel
  • Windows & Windows XP compatible
  • Supersedes extremely popular Culvert for Windows
  • Any shaped pipes any size
  • 57 inlet control configurations
  • Outlet control – free outfall, tidal control and back water conditions
  • Models detention effects upstream
  • Roadway or weir calculations 

Benefits of using xpculvert include:

  • Fast data entry and visualisation of results for even the most complex culvert arrangement including overtopping weirs and upstream storage.
  • Large list of culvert shapes to choose from or define your own together with flexible tailwater controls and approach and outlet channel configurations.
  • Uses the US-FHWA dynamic discharge coefficients and submergence factors for calculation of roadway overtopping.
  • Provides extensive output facilities for both on-screen viewing as well as report publication including detailed reports, tables and graphical representations of scaled culvert configurations.
  • Select up to 7 different conduit configurations each with any number of barrels, and 7 weirs per structure.
  • Develops rating curves of upstream head to total culvert discharge for input into network hydraulic packages, i.e. xpstorm and xpswmm.

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