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Hydraulic system for drilling mud cleaning rigs

Supplier: Custom Fluidpower
03 November, 2010

A drilling industry support company approached Custom Fluidpower, a national hydraulic solutions provider, for assistance with research and development of drilling mud cleaning rigs.

The purpose of the rigs is to remove the need for the open pit next to the drill rigs which holds the drilling mud. These mud cleaning rigs would be of great benefit as drilling companies would save substantial amounts of money and time on environmental costs.

The proposed rig would be mobile and fit on the back of a truck with the capability of jacking itself up off the truck to stay onsite until the drilling is complete.

A further function of this rig was to remove the large particles from the drilling mud with baffle plated tanks where the dirt can settle and the use of a screw classifier to remove the particles and later be pumped out by an industrial pump.

The customer contracted an external engineer to design the unit and requested Custom Fluidpower's assistance with the hydraulic system.

Custom Fluidpower designed two manifolds with Sun Hydraulics valves for the jacking and control of the rigs and suggested that Parker pumps be incorporated to fill the flow and pressure requirements.

Hydac filtration was also incorporated to insure that the oil stays at a satisfactory cleanliness level for maximum product and system life and performance.

Custom Fluidpower undertook the complete installation and commissioning and worked closely with the engineering consultant on these units. This resulted in the successful completion of nine rigs with further rigs to follow.

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