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Hydrocardon Detection Strips

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions

The Hydrocarbon Detection Strips can quickly and accurately determine the presence of hydrocarbons in water.

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When the Hydrocarbon Detection Strip is introduced into a potential hydrocarbon situation, the light blue strip will turn a darker blue if hydrocarbons are present. The color intensity and size of the darker blue areas are indicators of the quantity of hydrocarbons contained in the sample. If the sample contains no hydrocarbons, the strip will not moisten or discolor.


Hydrocarbon Detection Strips can be used to detect hydrocarbon contaminated water in elevator shafts, underground utility vaults and manholes, retention and secondary containment vessels, and out-fall on oil-water separators prior to pumping out the water. An Hydrocarbon Detection Strip is used on the C.I.Agent EVAC Filtration System to determine when the filter is nearing its maximum hydrocarbon retention level.


The sensitivity of the Hydrocarbon Detection Strip is dependent upon the solubility of the hydrocarbons. When testing volatile substances, the color reaction must be evaluated immediately due to rapid fading.



  • The Hydrocarbon Detection Strip measures 2.75” x .75” and comes 100 in a hard plastic container.
  • The Hydrocarbon Detection Strips can detect the presence of hydrocarbons in water prior to pumping thus eliminating potential fines.