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HydroSele S

Supplier: James Walker

HydroSele S is our innovative rotary cartridge seal for the shafts of water turbines, that will cut maintenance and improve the reliability and profitability of Francis and Kaplan hydropower plant across the world.

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It is the result of over ten years of design, development and long-term field trials on fully operational turbines working under a wide variety of conditions.

HydroSele® S features two sealing elements working back-to-back within a cartridge, with flush water introduced between them. The unit is modular in concept, with each component designed and precision manufactured to fit together perfectly around the turbine shaft without stripping down the housing. All components can normally be handled on site without mechanical lifting gear or the fear of breaking fragile items.

Field trials show that HydroSele® S offers the best long-term value for money of any shaft sealing arrangement for many Francis and Kaplan turbines.

Special financial features

•Swift payback on investment - in less than two years your HydroSele® S should have paid for itself in terms of maintenance costs, turbine downtime and power absorption.
•At four years, your total investment in cash and downtime could be just one-quarter of that for an equivalent mechanical seal.
Special operational features

•Long and reliable service - HydroSele® S prototypes are still running trouble free after 12 years of operation.
•Simple to install and ajustment free - HydroSele® S is one of the easiest sealing arrangements to fit on a turbine shaft. With our technical expertise, your downtime is cut to a minimum. When installed it is totally adjustment-free.
•Economical refurbishment - it takes hours rather than days to refurbish your HydroSele® S,  and you no longer need to hold expensive standby sealing units in stock.
•High efficiency sealing - HydroSele's unique method of operation gives a very low and controlled level of leakage. This greatly reduces the risk of flood damage to plant caused by uncontrolled leakage past sealing faces.
•Low power consumption - HydroSele® S has an exceptionally low torque requirement compared to traditional mechanical seals.
•Worldwide technical support - every HydroSele® S installation is fully supported by James Walker's worldwide network of specialists in high performance sealing technology.
HydroSele® S is modular in concept. It has fully-split metal housing rings and flush ring, and two split-type sealing elements.

All modules are held accurately and firmly in position by bolts that fasten the cartridge to an adaptor plate or the equipment surface beneath.

Operating capabilities

Standard shaft diameters:  250mm to 1000mm (9.84-39.37 inches). Please consult James Walker if your shaft diameter exceeds 1000mm (39.37 inches).

Normal maximum pressure at gland: *1MPa gauge (*145psig).

Normal maximum shaft speed: *20m/s (*3937fpm)

Maximum temperature: 50°C (122°F) at seal/flush interface.

Flush water pressure: 200kPa (29psi) above system pressure.

* Note: higher speeds and pressures may be tolerated, so please consult James Walker if your requirements exceed those stated. Maximum pressure and speed may not neccessarily be applied simultaneously.

Operational requirements

Shaft/shaft sleeve minimum hardness: 33 HRC

Shaft/shaft sleeve surface finish: 0.4 to 0.8μmRa (CLA 16 to 32μin)

Interseal barrier flush filtration: 100μm (0.004in) or better.

How supplied
We will custom manufacture the HydroSele® S to suit your specific application, using modular components.

In addition to the design and supply of your HydroSele® S cartridge unit, our optional HydroSele® Total Service package includes Adapter Plate, Shaft Sleeve, Condition Moitoring System and skid-mounted FlushPak. Our safety-trained personnel will undertake on-site work, covering pre-contract surveys, site supervision and system installation, commissioning and customer training.