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Hygiene Products | Flyblitz

Supplier: Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.)

Hygiene Products Flyblitz attracts and kills flies

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Hygiene Products | Flyblitz

  • Active Ingredients
    • Trichlorfon 20 g/Kg
    • Dichlorvos 2.5 g/Kg

To control flies in abattoirs, dairies, piggeries. poultry farms. stables, woolsheds, feedlots, rubbish and manure heaps in and around industrial areas. Flyblitz works better wet than dry. Baits should be dampened daily and replenished weekly. Dead flies should be shoveled up and disposed of daily. A hessian sack folded four or five times makes an ideal bait station.

For maggot control:dissolve Flyblitz Bait in water at the rate of 30 grams per litre of water and apply by watering can or spray to the surface of the heap. For dry bait apply at the rate of 1 gm of Flyblitz bait per square metre.

Pack size: 4 Kg plastic bucket