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Hygienelock™ | Full Room Protection

Supplier: Protective Technology

Hygienelock™ is a system of preventative maintenance which protects against microbes such as bacteria and fungus.

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In hospitals it helps prevent the spread of disease and infection, in hotels it provides the clientelle with a germ-free environment and in the restaurant business, a cleaner, safer environment for eating.

Hygienelock keeps the facility clean, in between cleans. It provides longer lasting environments and promotes sustainability.

Potential markets

Hygienelock™ is designed for providing a safer and cleaner environment in several areas where the public and consumers in general will benefit.


Cross infection and the need to be clinical drive the need for maximizing hygiene levels. With the ability for Hygienelock™ to kill bugs that bleaches cannot, the system has some desirable features.

Public washrooms:

Frequently used washrooms quickly become dirty and unhygienic. People feel uncomfortable using a washroom, which looks or smells unclean. Hygienelock™ prevents the build up of unsightly grime and odours. The regular service program means that this is maintained.

Hotels and hospitality:

Absolute pristine appearance and a clinical environment dictate star-rating, prices charged and the reputation of hotels and the like.

Offering the degree of protection that Hygienelock™ offers has to be of benefit to this sector.

Fast-food outlets:

Like the washrooms, fast food outlets have a lot of human traffic passing through them. Ensuring clean food-handling and consumption areas is important for hygiene reasons as well as maintaining a regular clientele.

The science behind Hygienelock™

Bacteria are microscopic cell structures that multiply at a rapid rate. In fact, generally speaking, a bacterial colony will double in number every 20 minutes. They begin to grow on a surface where they can anchor themselves and live in the conditions around them. Warm and moist environments are perfect for microbe development.

Fungus is also a microbe but more visible to the human eye than bacteria. Fungal spores grow quickly but much slower than bacteria do. Fungal contamination causes more of an aesthetic problem (being bigger and more obvious), than the odour and health issues that are caused by bacteria.

Hygienelock™ consists of a series of products that are unique in their design and contain Ultra-Fresh™ to ensure protection against microbes taking hold of the surface.

Ultra-Fresh™ is an additive that is incorporated into the formulation of the products and which remains active in the surface to give long life protection.

In addition to the protection built into the products in the Hygienelock™ system, the servicing program also uses environmentally friendly, groundbreaking technology that has proven hygiene efficiency.

Does your current cleaning company understand how microbes grow and what problems they can cause?

Technicians, who understand how microbes survive, operate Hygienelock™. This understanding ensures the cleaning process is carried out with a view to maximizing cleanliness and protection.

The necessary ‘full-clean’, the installation and the servicing of Hygienelock™ is different in every case as the requirements, from a product suitability point of view, differ from one environment to another.


An initial clean down of an existing environment is needed before Hygienelock™ can be installed. It is essential that the surfaces are microbe free and clean of soiling prior to applying the Hygienelock™ suite of products.

This initial clean is a major clean which takes time but ensures the ongoing cleaning requirement is reduced to only a minimal level.


The suitable Hygienelock™ products are applied by our technicians to the surfaces in the room being protected. A record of which product is used and the date it is applied is recorded. This record is then used as a basis for the maintenance service program.


To attain and keep the Hygienelock™ accreditation, the client must have a minimal routine cleaning program set up. The service technicians installing the program will determine this. In addition, the service technicians will visit the facility at set intervals, in order to replace certain coatings or reapply others.

The aim is to create a microbe-free environment and then maintain the look and standard of that environment indefinitely.

Ultra-Fresh is trademark of Thomson Research Associates, Toronto, Canada.

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