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HYTECH - Hydraulic manifolds

Supplier: Hydraulic Specialties - HYSPECS
28 September, 2011

Hytech is the manufacturing division of Hyspecs NZ, located within the same building at 32 Crooks Road Auckland.

Hytech manufactures standard and custom hydraulic manifolds.

Hydraulic manifolds are used in conjunction with cartridge valves to provide an integrated circuit where complex functions can be performed, equal to that of most conventional control components.

The manifold itself is usually some form of aluminium alloy or steel with cavities machined to accept the cartridges. The cartridges control the flow and pressure of the oil to the machines various hydraulic components such as motors and cylinders.

The advantages of this technology become clear once it is examined in more depth

  1. Complex functions can be performed by one integrated circuit. This can replace many discrete components.
  2. Hosing or pipe-work is greatly simplified, resulting in lower costs and fewer potential failures
  3. Pressure, return and function ports can be positioned where most convenient for the end user. Customising the block to the particular machine.
  4. Circuit confidentiality is enhanced, since the design cannot be easily traced without resorting to exotic X-Ray methods.
  5. Installed costs are usually lower than discrete components.
  6. Skilled technicians are not usually needed to install the circuit.
  7. Maintenance is simplified due to rapid cartridge interchange-ability. Failure of the block itself is rare.
  8. Circuit versatility industry common cavities allow cartridges with differing functions to be substituted in the block. Therefore altering the circuit to customer specific requirements.
  9. The completed circuit is usually lighter than individual components.
  10. The completed circuit is usually more compact than individual components.
  11. Virtually any circuit can be incorporated into a cartridge block.

Hytech provides Hyspecs with standard hydraulic manifolds that are used in every day circuits, such as relief and counterbalance valves. However, Hytech is also geared to provide one off hydraulic manifolds for systems seen in super yachts or factory production lines.

Hytech can also provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMS’s) with large runs of hydraulic manifolds, fully assembled with cartridge valves and each individual unit tested before shipping to your assembly plant to be inserted into your machine. At Hytech literally no job is too big or small.