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Hyundai forklifts delivers the elusive Big 3

Supplier: Flexilift Australia By: Val Pavlovic
27 November, 2009

Hyundai Forklift Australia rep Flexilift Australia believes it has become the first to deliver the Big 3 in forklifts - service, quality and price.

Business Development Manager for the company, Mr John Fisher, says because forklifts are large, technical and imported, it had always been impossible for dealers to provide the elusive triumvirate.

“It has been particularly challenging for the industry during our recent worldwide economic recession, where all sectors of industry took a hit,” said Mr Fisher.”

“Most manufacturers making top level equipment in recent years had to pass on costs along the chain, so often it meant raising prices accordingly or slightly watering down the quality to keep the price undisturbed.

Flexilift Australia and its Australian Distributors base will pass on the benefits of the US$ favourable exchange rate currently running at 0.92c while stock lasts and that equates to a substantial price decrease to the industrial forklift buyer.

“In addition, with so few people qualified to properly service forklifts it pretty much meant that maintenance levels could be ordinary, or a premium would be charged for the services of one of the few with top credentials.

“With the limitation imposed by tight industry activity as well as scarcity of talented service personnel, the common opinion on forklift companies was that if you received a good vehicle it would cost a lot but not have a decent maintenance follow up; or, it would cost less and perform accordingly.

“But we managed to bridge the gap the day we signed to represent Hyundai. Its incredible global success during a recession is well documented – it emerged as the most successful industrial company during the downturn.”

Being highly profitable during the economic recession enabled Hyundai to maintain peak production without cutting back on inventory, hence maintaining quality levels.

Furthermore, by not being forced to struggle in the last few years, the company has been able to keep prices down without dropping quality to compete strongly with the other few top brands.

“The Hyundai parent company did its part to ensure quality standards remained high and the price remained favourable to buyers,” said Mr Fisher.

“But when management from Korea signed with Flexilift Australia, it knew it added that final ingredient to form that elusive triangle – service.

“In our Managing Director, Mr Stephen Ritchie, we have one of the most technically astute and experienced forklift maintenance specialists in Australia.

“This important element ticked the last of three boxes for Hyundai and the decision to appoint Flexilift as exclusive agent in Australia has proved immediately successful.

“Not only are we seeing our vehicles breaking into the market in all sectors of industry, we are also appointing distributors to an expanding national network, with the need still out there to talk to qualified potential agents in Sydney, Brisbane and North Queensland.”