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I/O Expanstion for OCS | SmartStix

Supplier: Autech Control Group

SmartStix I/O is a terminal block style expandable I/O System for Operator Control Stations.

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Unlike conventional PLC I /O, SmartStix I /O is a new terminal-block style I /O for the Operator Control Station. It can be used to expand the I /O capacity of any OCS, and it is very cost effective as remote I /O.

Because SmartStix I /O connects to any OCS CsCAN network port, it can be combined with SmartStack I/O to provide the best I/O selection for the application. And, output modules feature Electronic Short-Circuit Protection (ESCP).

Compact, DIN-rail Mounted

SmartStix I /O is extremely compact, providing 16 and 32 point digital I /O in a package only 1.5" (39mm) deep and a footprint of 2"H x 4.5"W (50 x 116mm) or 2"H x 7"W (50 x 177mm).

With its small footprint, SmartStix I /O takes up very little panel space whether located in the main control panel or tucked away in a remote location.

SmartStix I /O has a barrier style terminal strip and can be mounted on a DIN-rail. Plus, removable terminals make field replacement fast and convenient.

Expands I /O Capacity, Local or Remote

From the miniOCS to the Color-Touchscreen OCS, SmartStix I /O easily expands the I /O capacity of any OCS utilising the CsCAN network port available with every model. It is especially cost effective when added to a miniOCS.

SmartStix I /O offers fast response times without sacrificing robustness, with no need for a costly I/O interface unit. In addition to its peer-to-peer capabilities, CsCAN is used as a highly efficient method of distributing SmartStix I /O up to 6000 ft away.


Easy to Set Up-Easy to Configure

Time and complexity to configure most remote I /O systems is a drawback. SmartStix I/O greatly reduces setup time. Just assign a unique ID to the I /O module using the integrated rotary switches, connect a 5-wire shielded cable, and add a single, simple function block to your Cscape  control program. You'll be up and running in no time.

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