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ICP DAS CANopen Remote I/O Application Solutions

Supplier: ICP DAS Co., Ltd
25 February, 2011

ICP DAS has announced several different solutions for the CANopen remote I/O, such as the CAN-8123, CAN-8223, CAN-8423 and CAN-2000C series products.

In order to progress in the efficiency of the CANopen network security and approach to the trend of the market, the Heartbeat functionality which is more efficient than Node Guarding functionality is included in these CANopen remote I/O. It can be used for not only detecting the status of the CANopen slaves in time but decreasing the bus loading for the CANopen network. 
Besides, the CANopen remote I/O also provides the exclusive function, the Digital I/O Pair-connection function. 
These features greatly improve the performance and flexibility for the CANopen network system.
ICP DAS provides various solutions for CANopen Masters such as embedded controller, PCI and PCIe boards, PCI 104 boards, and USB interface modules. You can quickly build a CANopen-based network system to approach the different requirements.

For these CANopen masters, several free software of CANopen Master are given such as CAN Utility, CPM Utility, LabVIEW driver, CANopen master library and so on. These are helpful to construct your CANopen network systems faster and easier. 

The advantage of using CANopen remote I/O is the Event-trigger and Event-timer mechanisms. Based on these features, CANopen remote I/O can send the I/O states to the master automatically. You don’t worry about the problems of the message collision and the bigger reaction time.

More CANopen information: http://www.icpdas.com/products/Remote_IO/can_bus/canopen_series.htm#1