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ICP DAS Co., Ltd

ICP DAS, focuses on innovation and improving the Industrial Automation Technologies. With the wide spread of internet and the extension of household and fields automation demands, it becomes a trend to integrate data acquisition, industrial control, and communication as one complete system. The smart and cost-efficient control system has also become the focal point of research and application.

ICP DAS strives to provide advanced Programmable Automation Controller(PAC), Motion-control Cards, HMI Monitor, Seismic Switch, Remote I/O modules, PC-based I/O Boards, Industrial Ethernet Switches, FieldBUS communication Boards, Industrial Devices Server & Gateway, Wireless M2M controllers for the various applications of Process control, Machine automation, Building Management System, Home Automation & Security, Factory Automation, Alarm system and Power-monitoring etc. Through the abundant product lines and well after-sales services, ICP DAS has successfully gained the great trust from all its clients around the world.

To maintain the position of technology-leading platform provider, ICP DAS invests heavily in R&D to possess an excellent R&D team. Over 110 software and hardware engineers provide the best solutions and innovative products to keep up with the development of the automation industry. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive set of service to maintain our high-quality and reliable products to get worldwide clients' affirmation and supports.

Promo message ICP DAS Co., Ltd

- The company was founded and officially registered.
- Set the R&D team for automation-related products & data acquisition boards series.
- Set the R&D team for distributed data acquisition modules.
- Branding ICP DAS & ICP CON for markets and distributed of data acquisition boards & modules.
- R&D for palm-size embedded CPU modules.
- R&D for high-end PLC I/O modules, Ethernet and mini embedded controller.
- ICP DAS includes PLC, low-end products for industrial PC and high-end products for industrial controller.
- Acquire the certification of ISO-9002.
- Set SoftLogic and ISaGRAF team.
- Acquire "Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments" from Russia.
- Launching the R&D team for Windows CE/Soft PLC,graphics-monitoring software and CANBus.
- Embedded controllers officially become available in the market.
- Publish I-7188 series, RISC and Windows WinCon / LinCon series.
- Acquire the certification of ISO-9001.
- Establish the R&D team for industrial mechanical applications.
- Publish CANBus series.
- Put PAC system concept followed with NI & GE; Educate clients.
- Publish M-7000 series, distributed-motion controller series.
- Publish KW-Software PAC series.
- Win the second place of the visual-processing software contest in UTMVP for 1st annual awards.
- Contract to the case of travel-recording devices for all fishing boats in Taiwan.
- Publish Ethernet I/O series & µPAC series.
- Publish WinPAC series.
- Be recognized by Forbes Asia on the list of 2008 Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion.
- Formally Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange Market.
- WP-8841 and G-4500 are recognized by Bureau of Foreign Trade on the list of Taiwan Excellence Award!
- ICP DAS receives approval from Investment Commission, MOEA, to have an indirect investment for setting up the Wuhan Branch in China.

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