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Idrotech Range Of High Pressure Dust Suppression Nozzles

Supplier: Tecpro Australia

Tecpro Australia is proud to introduce the Idrotech range of high pressure dust suppression nozzles to their product range.

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High pressure fogging nozzles, designed and manufactured by the award winning Italian company, Idrotech s.r.l are now part of the extensive range of nozzles distributed by Tecpro Australia.

The fine mist generated makes the Idrotech nozzle suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • dust suppression in mines, crushing plants, electric power stations, tunnels, cement factories and on conveyor belt transfer points
  • temperature reduction in animal farms, cooling towers of air conditioning systems, cooling outdoor areas such as parks, bars and swimming pools
  • odour neutralisation around waste transfer stations, sewerage treatment plants, tanneries, industrial areas, industrial dump bins and composting sites
  • humidification of wood and paper industries, fish, fruit and vegetable display counters and storage areas, wine cellars
  • disinfection of equipment and of vehicles travelling between farms and animal breeding areas where cross contamination is to be avoided
  • special effects in outdoor areas and more.

Idrotech nozzles use the principle of high pressure 60 bar (850 psi) to 70 bar (1,000 psi) to generate a cloud of extremely fine droplets, which are perfect for suppressing ultra fine dust particles.

The nozzles come in a range of different capacities ranging from 1.74 litres per hour up to 40 litres per hour, depending on the pressure. The nozzles will operate from as low as 7 bar (100 psi) up to 120 bar (1,750 psi), depending on the particular orifice size selected.

The operating principle of the Idrotech fog system is that water is pressurised at 10-120 bar (145-1750 psi) by a pump and atomized into the air through the fog nozzles.

The nozzles are easy to assemble with either quick connect fittings using a special high pressure polyamide tubing, or with compression fittings on a stainless steel tube. The plastic tubing is easily cut to length, and the stainless steel tube can be supplied in a range of pre-set lengths already drilled to accept the nozzles.

Tecpro can supply a complete dust suppression assembly comprising the high pressure pump unit, all the controls, pipe work, fittings, nozzles and mounting clamps. Together with the team at Tecpro, Idrotech can help you find the perfect fog system solution for dust suppression, odour control, disinfection, humidification or evaporative cooling. For more information about Idrotech's complete product range, visit http://www.tecpro.com.au/idrotech.htm