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ILX56-MM inRAx Message Manager

Supplier: Prosoft Technology

The ProSoft Technology inRAx Message Manager is a single-slot solution that connects and transfers Factory and Plant Process Automation monitoring and control data between islands of automation across diverse platforms, networks and protocols.

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The inRAx Message Manager is an easy-to-use data transfer engine for the ControlLogix™ 1756 platform, supporting Rockwell Automation® Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) network protocols, as well as platforms and devices that use Siemens Industrial Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

The ILX56-MM makes it easy for System Integrators and End Users to reduce the engineering effort required to coordinate data transfers between multiple control systems in Factory and Plant Automation applications. The Message Manager simplifies and streamlines data connection and transfer operations by enabling PLC/PAC data exchanges without the need for additional message-specific PLC programming.

Feature  and Benefits

Licensed Backplane Technology

  • Manufactured under license from Rockwell Automation
  • High-speed data transfer between module and processor

PLC/PAC data transfer execution

  • No PLC / PAC message programming required

Built-in web configuration tool

  • No software to buy, install or maintain. Easy to use interface

Two built-in Ethernet ports

  • Connectivity to Modbus TCP/IP and Siemens Industrial Ethernet

Backed by ProSoft Technology

  • 20-year history of delivering high-quality, reliable solutions designed with you in mind
  • Free, unlimited, worldwide Technical Support by phone anytime for pre-sale, set-up, or troubleshooting support helps you get going sooner and stay running longer
  • Three-Year Warranty ensures reliability and protects against equipment failures
  • Free ProSoft Software tools tightly integrated with our hardware...a simple and quick, total solution to help you make our products fit your applications


The Message Manager acts as a communication interface as well as a message transaction engine. The easy-to-use configuration utility is web-based, built into the module, is used for module and network configuration, diagnostics and uploading/downloading. PLC to PLC data transfers no longer require message programming. Setting up these transfers can be done at one location for up to 16 controllers, including various networked Rockwell Automation controllers as well as PLC/PACs that reside on either Modbus TCP/IP or Siemens Industrial Ethernet networks.

General Specifications

  • Built-in web based configuration utility
  • Requires Internet Explorer 7 for full implementation
  • Single slot – 1756 backplane compatibility
  • Remove and Insert Under Power – RIUP
  • Local or Remote rack
  • Scrolling display for status and diagnostics

Functional Specifications

Protocols Supported:
Modbus TCP/IP and Siemens Industrial Ethernet supported via the built-in Ethernet ports. EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, Data Highway+ (DH+) and Data Highway 485 (DH485) are supported through Rockwell Automation (RA) 1756 communications bridge modules.

Data Transfers:
Transfer data between up to 16 individually-configurable communications Interface connections

Choose RA, Modbus TCP/IP, or Siemens IE protocol for each Interface

Browse and use tag names from any RA PAC in a ControlLogix local or remote chassis or any Allen-Bradley® PLC or RA PAC connected across supported bridged networks. Create user-defined Tags for Modbus and Siemens data addresses.

Transfer Lists:
Create data exchange lists using source and destination Tags

Define events that will cause one or more Transfer Lists to be executed. Triggers can be based on Tag values or scheduled time intervals.

No login required to view configuration information. Must log in to make configuration changes. PROJECT-level users may make configuration changes and start/stop data transfer operations (i.e. switch between RUN and IDLE). ADMINISTRATOR-level users may make Project -level changes as well as assign usernames, passwords, and security access levels for all users.

Internal Date and Time:
Can be set manually or synchronized with ControlLogix or CompactLogix. The frequency of synchronization can be: No frequency, Hourly, Daily, Every 8 hours, or Every 12 hours.

Configuration Data:
Can be saved offline or saved to the on board compact flash card.

Configuration Utility:
Contains built-in Help functions. On-Line configuration only

Setup Mode:
Setup Mode temporarily sets the Message Manager network port settings to their default values. Setup Mode also allows you to reset the default administrative password.

Operational Modes:

  • IDLE; Not running triggers (configuration mode)
  • RUN; Running triggers (normal operation)
  • STOP; Error state (check active error list, correct errors listed, then return to run)