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Image Acquisition - Line Scan | In-Sight Package

Supplier: Automation Systems & Controls

The Image Acquisition - Line Scan In-Sight 5604 model unites line scan imaging and rugged In-Sight vision systems.

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In-Sight 5604 Highlights

Bringing the benefits of line scan acquisition to the In- Sight product family, the following highlights the capabilities of this exciting model:

o High speed image acquisition of 45,000 lines per second translates to 22 frames per second for full- size images.

·         Two megapixel resolution images are built using
1024 pixel-wide imager and up to 2048 lines.

o Large 14 x 14 micron pixel size yields superior light sensitivity at microsecond exposure rates, dramatically reducing lighting needs.

·         Built on the In-Sight 5600 platform, high performance 1 GHz DSP processing power quickly performs vision analysis on high resolution images.

·         Built-in Ethernet port provides connectivity to the automation control system using the suite of Cognex Connect factory floor protocols.

Accepts standard C and CS mount lenses for simple integration


 Broad Range of Applications

Since line scan acquisition builds an image line by line, only a sliver of the object you want to inspect needs to be visible at any given time to the line scan camera. As the product moves past the camera, new lines are acquired until the full image (total number of lines) is built to reveal the full product view. This presents a number of advantages over area scan cameras.