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Improve workplace safety with flexible PVC Curtains | Flexshield

Supplier: Flexshield By: Ronnie Evenden
11 November, 2011

Choosing the right PVC curtains to suit a particular industrial application could be the key to increasing workplace safety.

The array of applications in which flexible PVC curtains can provide a benefit is enormous. When used correctly, the right type of flexible PVC curtain can provide an increased level of safety in the workplace, as well as protect sensitive machinery.

The majority of PVC doors manufactured are made to be transparent. This allows for increased visibility in busy entry or exit points within a plant, which makes it easier for machinery, forklifts, trolleys or even staff to move through the area with a higher degree of safety.

Of course, PVC curtains can be used for many other applications too. These can include being used for dust or fume control situations, where safety may require that the amount of leakage from a work area be kept to a bare minimum. PVC curtains are also ideal for reducing noise, especially around machinery, or as a way to reduce the amount of splashback that escapes a work area. An area protected by a PVC curtain is also able to be maintained as a more stable environment. This can be crucial for temperature-reliant cool rooms or freezers.

PVC is an extremely durable material, but it’s also remarkably lightweight and flexible, allowing it to be customised for any specific purpose easily. Flexshield use only the highest quality materials to manufacture their products, including non-corrosive mounting components.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality sound proof doors and PVC curtains, Flexshield understands the individual needs of industrial and commercial business owners. Their team of professional consultants are happy to offer a no-obligation quote on the right type of PVC curtains, PVC swing doors, or any other sound-proofing requirements needed throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and internationally.

To learn more about Flexshield’s range of flexible PVC Curtains and to receive a free sample pack, please visit: www.flexsoundproofing.com.au/flexible-pvc-curtains.html