Improve your branding with Signet's custom solutions

Supplier: Signet
24 May, 2013

In today's economy, branding is the foundation for your business success – if your company is not instantly recognisable, you might lose out to another company that is.

A key part of branding is consistency and making sure that everything that leaves your office or warehouse reflects the quality of your company; down to the last box or parcel.

As a leading Australian packaging manufacturer, Signet is not only experienced in the world of packaging and despatch consumables, but also has a wide range of custom work capabilities – specialising in custom tape, labels and cartons. Placing an order or getting a quote from Signet is an easy and accurate process, and no custom job begins production without your final approval.

Custom Cartons

Customising your shipping cartons can be beneficial for a few reasons – you can request your own
size (which can be especially handy if you need to store or send awkwardly shaped items!), you can select the style of shipping carton if the standard shape is not what you need, and you can brand your cartons with custom printing plates made specifically for your order. This means you can impress your clients before they have even opened the box you've sent them!

Custom Tape

Custom printed tape reaps the benefits of everyday packaging tape in addition to featuring your company name, logo or artwork – making it a great promotional or branding tool. There are 2 types of tape available for customisation – PVC or polypropylene.

These tapes are available in white, red, yellow, orange, brown or clear tape with either 1 or 2 colour printing. Custom printed tape is a great idea to show anything from your standard company logo and contact details, to showing the logo of events or other companies that you sponsor, or can be used as a teaser for your upcoming campaign.

Custom Labels

There are 2 key types of labels that are customisable – plain labels and despatch labels. Plain labels are completely customisable for your needs. They are available in a range of sizes and colours: you can get labels for storage, shipping, instructional or branding. Despatch labels can be helpful to your freight/despatch process while offering space for your company branding at the bottom.

Custom labels are available in fluoro colours (green, pink, red, yellow & orange) or white. Fluoro labels are printed in black ink, though white labels can be printed in black, blue, green or red, and your company logos or graphics can be printed for a once-off artwork charge.

Signet also offers custom branders, doculopes, hard hats, signs, sigtags, stencils, tags & timber wrap. For further information on Signet's custom solutions or to check out our range of packaging, health and safety supplies, head to or email [email protected]