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Improve your productivity with the EZset tool presetter

Supplier: Dimac Tooling By: Dave Roberts
09 August, 2010

Why measuring quality before you even start machining can pay big dividends.

Although accurately measuring your tools before you start machining will pays big dividends, finding a system that could do that simply and quickly has been somewhat of challenge. Now Ezeset, the latest product in the Dimac Tooling range, will allow your CNC machine to continue production without interruption while every tool is measured, checked for tolerances and adjusted prior to use.

The new Ezset tool presetter with Image Controller is designed to significantly improve your CNC machine productivity with its accurate and integrated calibration edges. Now you can measure the tools and not the machine to make sure that machining time is not wasted.

The Ezset system gives each tool a label stating the measurement results, with the ability to store this information into the machine. That means consistent and reliable results each time.

With state of the art Bosch pneumatics, THK guideways and Heidenhain glass scales (in X and Z with 1um resolution) as well as circulated ball bearings for smooth running, EZeset is designed to deliver long maintenance free service.

"This machine offers increased profitability through its three in one functions of measuring, setting and inspecting your cutting tools with ease," said Dimec Managing Director, Paul Fowler.

The EZset is easy to install and use, with the complete system, including adapter tray, utensil tray and label printer delivered inside its own ergonomic space saving table.

Once set up, place the tool to be measured into the tool holder, position the optical head, which contains the CMOS camera, power LEDS and transmitted light receptor. Using the one hand punch button on the tower you can move the head up, down, backwards or forwards.

The simple intuitive operation of the Image Controller 1 vision system is achieved through the unique EZ pick-and-push button. Corresponding symbols clearly show the 6.5" TFT monitor, additionally a short explanation appears as text.

"Time-consuming adjustments are no longer necessary with the dynamic crosshairs visible on the monitor," adds Paul. "They immediately move to the cutting edge and measure it automatically within the entire camera window.

"This allows you not only to measure length, diameter, radius, and two cutting edge angles, it also has other programmes that will measure axial and radial run out."

With up to five precise measurement print outs, ranging from length to diameter, radius, cutting edge angle 1 and 2, the system also allows you to do edge inspection, zero point monitoring, measure concentricity/axial run out and measurement results with target values, which makes fine adjustments unnecessary.

"Target values can be defined really easily with Ezeset. By switching the counter mode to absolute measure, differential measure or chain measure you can easily gauge any angle and step you need.

"Once you have obtained the measurements you require simply print the results onto a label via the label printer situated under the controller and place it on the tool for easy reference," said Paul.

The EZset range is available in three models  The EZgo400 for smaller shops, the EZset 400 and EZset 600 each for larger shops, all having 3 levels of control depending on your requirements. All units have optional data output packages for data transfer from the tool presetter to the CNC machine.