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Improved lead time for FlexLink's assembly line modules

Supplier: FlexLink Systems
21 September, 2010

FlexLink has made a considerable improvement of the manufacturing process of standard XT assembly line modules to satisfy the customer requirements on lead time.

Based on the increased customer request on shorter lead times, FlexLink's supply division made a considerable investigation on the complete process of manufacturing of the XT assembly line modules. Warehousing strategies, lean order and project handling together with improve manual module assembly were of the key points. All FlexLink's XT assembly line modules are assembled in the fully owned production and engineering centre in Sady, close to Poznan in Poland.

"FlexLink has a comprehensive innovation program in place but also a strong focus on the maintenance and constant improvements of existing conveyor platforms. The improvements can be mechanically but also service and lead time oriented. The input comes both internally but also directly from our customer and partners whose voice is really important for us. Some of the input also comes from safety regulations and sustainability aspects of course", says Svante Anderholm, Chief Operational Officer

The XT conveyor is a twin-track, flexible plastic chain pallet conveyor. The system is especially well suited for manual and automatic assembly and test systems in the automotive and electrical/electronics industries. The modular concept allows simplified engineering and ordering, as well as fast configuration together with plug and play capabilities for improved productivity.

The XT platform is right now going through more detailed pre-study with the aim to answer several of our customer and partner's mayor requests. One of the early outcomes was that the total lead time could be lower considerable with just some smaller process adjustments. Our production site has now much faster access to components, the ordering online through MyFlexLink and a leaner project management through an almost paper less production have had a mayor impact on the lead time. The great efficiency in workflows through a well implemented ISO and the improved productivity of the now experienced Polish-based Production and Engineering facility have turn out to be a important competitive advantage" end Svante Anderholm.

The XT assembly line modules can since the first of July 2010, be ordered, through the order online system MyFlexLink, with a 10 days lead time.