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Improving staff and patron comfort in a noisy venue

Supplier: Melfoam Acoustics By: Jacob McAllister
26 June, 2014

This brief case study outlines a situation in which an acoustic foam treatment was the best choice for venue management to solve its noise problem.

The Challenge

The client was a large and popular bar in Noosa, Queensland with an area for poker machines and TAB betting. At peak times the crowded room was extremely loud with background music, lively conversation and the noise of the gambling area.

The architecture of the bar is not acoustically optimal, with large open spaces and large glass windows essentially creating echo chambers. Because of this design, reverberation contributed greatly to the general noise level of the bar. When the bar was busy it became uncomfortably loud for staff and patrons.

The Solution

The client needed to make the bar area quieter, and the management team assessed several options for lowering the noise level. It could have removed the gambling machines, denying itself revenue. It could have renovated the interior to be more acoustically efficient at significant expense and with months of lost revenue. Instead, they engaged Melfoam Acoustics to design, supply and install an acoustic foam treatment that would reduce reverberation by absorbing sound in the room before it could be reflected elsewhere.

The advantages of an acoustic foam treatment were minimal expense and negligible installation time compared to the renovation option, and no need to lose revenue by removing the poker machines. The client initially treated only one area to test the effectiveness and aesthetic impact of the Melfoam ceiling panels, and was satisfied with its investment, quickly following up by treating the rest of the space.