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Incident Management Software

Supplier: Figtree Systems Pty Ltd

Figtree’s OH&S / Incident Management software is used by corporations that are engaged in the line of businesses such as public liability, life and disability, sports incident injury as well as government departments who manage their workplace operational risks and OHS issues.

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It allows users to quickly and efficiently record information about the hazard, risk treatment costs, preferred options, risk improvements and reduction. The system has the ability to report at any level of the organisation either as a summary or detailed report.

Reasons to implement Figtree<ohs>:

  • Provides a holistic view of the inter-relationships between all risk classes
  • Proactive analysis and treatment of risks and hazards before they lead to unnecessary injury, legal action or death
  • Complete Occupational Health & Safety management including integrated claim, incident, rehabilitation, safety and risk information
  • Powerful web based report writing, graphics and data export capabilities
  • Compliance/ optimisation for various state and national legislation
  • Flexible workflow configuration to meet unique business needs
  • Allow calculations of estimated and probable maximum loss
  • Integration with key corporateand external information systems such as HR and General Ledger

Key Components:

  • Hazard and Incident Registration
    • Many Figtree clients register hazards and incidents, internally via the corporate LAN or Intranet, as well as externally via the Internet or through a call centre. Alternatively, the system can be delivered as an ASP (Application Service Provider) solution.
  • Safe-Operating Procedures/ Best Practice Guidelines
    • A key component of an effective Occupational Health and Safety system is the ability to communicate and manage the development of safe operating procedures and best practice guides across the corporation or amongst a group or related corporations. Figtree systems Safe-Operating Procedures (SOP) functionality has been designed to overcome many of the limitations of paper based or static document publication by providing a centrally managed system for document management with web based accessibility.
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work
    • Fields, calculators, and validation options to assist with identifying, recording and tracking all information relating to the injury. Information captured includes ongoing medical attention, costs, expected duration and any complications or other factors that may occur.
  • On-site Inspections/ Off-line Internet
    • The Figtree System has been designed to support both online and offline system functionality.  This means that the system is able to synchronise data from laptops, palm pilots and other portable devices as well as from desktop systems that are not currently connected to the Figtree System.
  • Benchmarks and detailed reporting
    • All fields stored within the Figtree system can be analysed individually or collectively. Run detailed analysis and publish comparative benchmarks between comparable departments, clients, or related parties.

What sets us apart from the others:

  • System flexibility -
    • A pre-configured Best Practice system be assembled from a library of designs or alternatively Figtree's unique architecture allows for customisation to meet you unique requirements. In addition, Rapid Application Development tools allow your system to be extended and enhanced quickly at low cost
  • Incidents automatically convert to claims -
    • The fact that Figtree<ohs> uses the same Incident core database as the Figtree Self-Insurance system, it is a simple matter to record incidents and convert any incidents into claims, as well as to link any hazards to incidents etc, allowing more effective treatment as they can be easily identified and analysed
  • Integration with Risk Management  -
    • Figtree is deliberately designed for its integration with any system within our product range. Figtree<ohs> can be easily extended to a fully integrated Risk Management System combining information regarding accidents, injuries and claims with the cost arising from them.
  • ASP deployment (Hosting managed by Figtree) -
    • Figtree's Claims Management software can also be deployed via a Managed Service, Application Service Provider (ASP). Please refer to Figtree ASP datasheet for further information.