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Incident Reporting

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Fast Track your Incident Reporting with the latest incident reporting software from Rapid Induct.

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Rapid Incident Reporting is an internet based tool that makes it easy for anyone inside or outside your organisation to report and investigate an incident. And it comes complete with corrective actions to close out the cycle.

When you need to record an incident, the system takes the user through a simple step-by-step process to determine:

  • Where it happened, when and to whom;
  • The reporter and who is receiving the report;
  • Location details;
  • Incident details.

In the case of injury, it has a unique graphical display for recording bodily injuries for more detailed reporting. It also records immediate actions that have been taken to make the area safe.

How it works

As you enter the information, the system builds the distribution list from your organisation chart behind the scenes, it knows who has to see it and automatically sends it off to them by email. Your people can then immediately become aware of the issue or comment on the incident. Not only that, all the items inside the system are customisable. For example, if you call a "near miss" a "dangerous event" it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is change the descriptions to represent the language that suits your business. Best of all, as your people start using the system the database will record what they have entered, so next time they simply need to select from a list rather than type all the information again.


For investigations, it allows the HSE team to assign investigators who can provide more in-depth reports on the incident.

Again using a simple step-by-step process, the user simply has to:

  • Rate the potential incident risk;
  • Load images or video evidence;
  • Record interviews;
  • Record and Notify external parties;
  • Determine root causes – then set corrective actions;
  • Track corrective actions;
  • Close out incidents;
  • Extensively report on incident types and LTI data;
  • Like all Rapid products, you are fully in control.

So call us today to discuss how Rapid Incident Reporting can make your workplace safer by fast tracking workplace safety!