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Incinerators - HSH Series

Supplier: Scholer Industries

One of the most efficient and environmentally compliant incinerator system available worldwide.

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This versatile Australian designed and manufactured, controlled air, high temperature Multi chamber (two-stage) incinerator will destroy both wet and dry waste in an efficient and safe environmental manner. The accepted 3 "T's" formula of Time, Temperature and Turbulence are fully addressed in this robust and compact HSH design satisfying many Australian and overseas customers on performance and meeting environmental requirements. Our fully integrated control system provides operator safety, reliability and low running costs.

Designed for:

  • Industrial/Mine Sites/Oil
  • Biomedical
  • Plastics, Synthetics
  • Commercial
  • Foodstuffs
  • Liquids
  • Hydrocarbons and Filters

HSH incinerators have been supplied to customers involved in mining and general industry for the destruction of a wide range of wet and dry combustible waste. Hospitals and councils within Australia and overseas have found the HSH incinerator ideally suited for the destruction of bio-medical and animal carcass waste.

HSH incinerators offers Australian quality design and manufacture:

  • All HSH models are lined with high alumina firebricks and ceramic blanket insulation providing a long product life with low maintenance.
  • Efficient combustion is achieved of both the waste gas and conversion of the solids into fine inert ash.
  • A large Secondary chamber provides a one second Retention Time at +1000 degrees Centigrade meaning exhaust gas is burnt effectively within the chamber ensuring a smokeless gas discharge.
  • Hot suspended Hearth with under floor heating provides Recycling of waste heat under the burning chamber reducing operating costs through heating the hearth which in turn will reduce the amount of fuel used
  • Destruction of both Wet & Dry Waste is controlled by Combustion Air entering through the side walls into the burning chamber eliminating blockages through plastics or fats that can occur with air holes through the floor.
  • "Controlled Excess Air" design provides operation in both "Starved" and "Excess" air modes in the Primary Chamber during different stages of the burning cycle and always excess air in the secondary chamber.
  • Guaranteed Kg's Per hour Burning Rate: of waste specified.
  • Large Loading Doors for easy loading and Ash Removal.
  • Stainless Steel Stack is air cooled with flue gas temperatures sufficiently high to prevent the formation of dioxins and furans entering the atmosphere.

The HSH Incinerator is supplied with Automatic Air Operation and Water Spray systems are provided when required.

Each HSH incinerator supplied is designed for specific customer requirements as to the nature and the type of different waste requiring destruction. Scholer Industries provides an incineration system that satisfies their customer, providing sound performance, reliability and meeting all relevant environmental requirements. Click here for design performance specification on our HSH unit.

Environmental compliance and customer satisfaction letter's available on request.