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Inclinator | Twin Rail

Supplier: P.R. King & Sons

In 1954 P. R. King & Sons introduced a new concept in luxury living with the "Inclinator" inclined lift designed to eliminate the constant climbing of steps for homes built on sites with a steep access.

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Since then, over 600 inclinators have been built and installed in and around Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with more being sent interstate and overseas.
Sporting clubs are also realising the many advantages of installing our inclinators with several operating on golf courses, saving golfers a steep, hazardous climb between tees. "Inclinator" is the registered trade name of P.R. King & Sons' range of inclined passenger lifts.
All of our inclinators are built to the Australian standard AS 1735 Part 8 and have been approved by all lift authorities in Australia.
The reliability of our Inclinators
A combination of sturdy design, quality parts and a high level of workmanship during all stages of production has provided the "Inclinator" with an excellent reputation for safe reliable service. Units in daily operation for over 50 years are still going strong, providing their owners with a safe and virtually trouble free means of transport.
Ideal For Units and Flats
With automatic stopping available for up to 6 levels and larger twin rail models that can carry up to 10 people, the "Inclinator" is ideal for flats or units built on steep slopes.
Personal Service
Our representatives in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne will be pleased to call and discuss the installation of an "Inclinator" to suit your personal requirements. Simply call one of our offices and ask for "Inclinator" sales.
Completely Safe
The "Inclinator" car is strongly built and travels on a treated steel rail supported on concrete foundations. The car moves on wheels which run between the upper and lower flanges of the racked rail. The main drive gear is in constant mesh with this rack and there is absolutely no danger of the car sliding down the rail. Safety devices, including brake motor, an automatic overspeed governor and combined safety gear are fitted to make this impossible.
Planning to Build
If you plan to build on a steep site, ask your architect for an estimate of what you can save in material handling costs by installing an "Inclinator".
Save Carrying Loads
When gardening or building on a terraced site, the "Inclinator" will prove to be an ideal "strongman". Materials, gardening tools or soil can be easily moved - even the basic "Inclinator" has 272 kg carrying capacity.
The "Inclinator" is actually tailored to suit your home-site and the car itself to suit your personal requirements. Most models are licensed as either two or four passenger lifts, however, cars capable of carrying up to ten people are available. There are a few limits to length of travel and the "Inclinator" operates over angles up to 45° as well as over changes of grade.
Smooth, Easy Operation
Push button controls from each landing and in the car combined with a variable speed drive gives the "Inclinator" a smooth ride and easy operation. It can be stopped and reversed as desired and the empty car can be called or sent from one level to another.