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Industrial Chemical - Caustic Soda 50%

Supplier: Coogee Chemicals

Industrial Chemical - Caustic Soda 50%, Oil drilling industry to control the pH of drilling mud

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Industrial Chemical - Caustic Soda 50%

What is it?
Caustic refers to any strongly corrosive chemical substance, especially one that attacks organic matter. Sodium Hydroxide, commonly referred to as Caustic Soda (NaOH in solution), Lye or Sodium Hydrate, is a clear water white solution.

Where is it applied?

Liquid Caustic Soda is used in:

  • Gold mining for pH adjustment and carbon stripping
  • Alumina for bauxite digestion
  • As a strong base in the chemical industry in the manufacture of numerous compound
  • Reactant in the manufacture of other sodium compounds which may be intermediate or end-use products. Such products may include sodium hypochlorite which is used as a household bleach, or sodium phenolate which is used in the manufacture of Aspirin
  • The textile industry where Caustic Soda is mainly confined to finishing operations such as scouring, bleaching and mercerizing
  • Oil drilling industry to control the pH of drilling mud
  • Petroleum oil refining to remove impurities
  • The food industry. E.g. refining of animal and vegetable oils; general cleansing operations; and lye peeling of potatoes, fruit and vegetables

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