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Industrial control applications software

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RTP NetSuite includes all of the tools and utilities you will ever need to design, simulate, test, integrate, and maintain your industrial control applications. Running on NT/W2K workstations, its graphical point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface makes deploying new applications quick and simple. With Unlimited Licenses and no hardware or software keys to give you headaches, you can load and run NetSuite on as many workstations as you require, and as part of the low-cost registration fee you are also entitled to free NetSuite updates

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NetSuite boasts an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and consists of the following software components:

NetArrays - With its Project Explorer, you are provided with a comprehensive graphical display to control and manage all elements of your  project.  Individual toolboxes keep your project organized so that you can quickly configure RTP 2000/2200 nodes and develop your applications.  A Flow Chart Toolbox contains the objects used to define the sequence of your application.  Once the basic architecture of your application is determined, you can use a combination of the Module Toolbox, the Ladder Logic Toolbox, and the C++ Toolbox objects to develop your application.

Simulation Engine - Test and debug application logic right at your desktop.  The simulation engine emulates the RTP 2000/2200 target node controller, therefore no RTP hardware is required.  Using watch plates and an interactive debugging facilities, the time it will take you to deploy a system is significantly reduced.

RTPDAS - NetSuite's archiving software (RTP Data Archiving System) provides high-performance data acquisition and recording at rates as fast as 20 milliseconds.  With its graphical user interface, you can quickly configure it to record any type of I/O point--from one or more RTP 2000/2200 nodes.  Multiple instances of RTPDAS can be executed concurrently on one or more workstations to provide virtually unlimited archiving capability.  Archive data are stored in an Access database to facilitate analysis using a variety of software tools.

RTPDTS - Providing the ability to display "live" process data or playback historical archive data, this software tool is capable of plotting eight individual traces at one time. Any input, output, or variable value can be plotted with RTPDTS (RTP Data Trending System).  A variety of pen colors can be used to identify individual plots when several traces are displayed simultaneously.  Once configured, traces can be saved for easy recall/reuse.

RTPSOE and RTPFIFO - Similar in nature, these software tools provide the user to analyze time-stamped Sequence-Of-Event (SOE) records.  RTPSOE provides access to SOE records detected in RTP 2000/2200 target nodes, while RTPFIFO reads the contents of NetArrays Float FIFO objects and Integer FIFO objects.  With both of these tools, one-millisecond resolution time-stamped data are recorded in an Access database file where it is available to RTPDTS or other applications for analysis.

RTPView - As the newest member of NetSuite, this full-featured HMI (Human-Machine Interface) provides high-performance visualization and process control capability.  With a comprehensive library of over 1300 objects and a sophisticated yet simple to use development environment, you will develop operator screens faster than you ever thought it is possible.  Your operators will find the touch and feel of RTPView operator screens are second to none in functionality and performance.  

Time Synchronization - When time-stamping is critical for monitoring and control of your process, NetSuite's time sync software makes it easy for you to keep an unlimited number of RTP 2000/2200 nodes in step with one another with a simple point-and-click operation.

DDE/OPC Servers - The RTP Hybrid Control System is based on a distributed open architecture.  To facilitate communication with third-party applications such as databases, process optimization applications, and other industry-standard visualization software packages, NetSuite includes communication servers that make integration fast and simple