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Industrial Ethernet Network Solutions

Supplier: Excell Control

Hirschmann Industrial ETHERNET Products such as the SPIDER, Rail, MICE and MACH product families are synonymous with company-wide, high-availability network solutions.

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Industrial ETHERNET offers a wide range of transmission media such as copper, glass fibre or also "wireless"; data transmission rates range from 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gigabit/s. In this way process and manufacturing data is not just available at the field level, but is seamlessly integrated into higher-level data acquisition systems.

In practice there are very many different requirements for Industrial ETHERNET. From the economical, small, integrated ETHERNET solution up to complex Fast-ETHERNET solutions with management functions, high availability, Gigabit capability and many more functions.

Hirschmann Industrial ETHERNET Products are grouped in the following way:

SPIDER Entry Level Hubs and Switches

For the economical installation of a company-wide Ethernet network. The SPIDER family of entry level switches allow you to integrate widely dispersed components or serial terminal equipment into your ETHERNET networks or to set up smaller, economical ETHERNET networks without management functions. Click here to download brochure.

RAIL standard Switches

RAIL switches with management functions guarantee high availability of complex automation systems with innovative redundancy solutions and the option of network monitoring. Modular Rail switches, MICE, excel due to their flexibility through problemfree planning, minimum storage problems and easy adaptation to the most varied network topologies with media modules, one can have customized solutions for all industrial data networks and have the capability to expand due to their modular structure.

OpenRail configurable Switches

With OPENRAIL, Hirschmann has now started to offer Rail and MICE series switches manufactured to the individual customer´s specifications and suitable for almost any applications. These can have specific parameters set quickly and easily by the web configurator and can be ordered in a total of 1000 different versions. Click here to download brochure.

Modular Industry-Switches

MICE Modular Rail switches excel due to their flexibility through problem free planning, minimum storage problems and easy adaptation to the most varied network topologies with media modules, one can have customized solutions for all industrial data networks and have the capability to expand due to their modular structure. Click here to download brochure.

IP67-Industrial Switches

Are dirt, temperature fluctuations and other critical environmental conditions a concern at the field level? Then the OCTOPUS has the ability for usage under extreme conditions up to IP 67. This open system, with standardized M12 technology, is ideal for field use wherever space is extremely precious.

Wireless LAN

Lower installation costs and higher mobility and flexibility are the key reasons why industry is switching more and more from wired systems to radio remote control technology. With the BAT wireless radio system, Hirschmann offers a reliable complete package featuring tried and tested technology, installed and tested on site.


As t he company-wide network becomes a reality, ETHERNET is deployed in all departments, from the office through to production. This advantage also brings with it some risks, however, in the form of viruses and worms. As a result, it is becoming ever more important to control access to the production network and to construct secure tunnels based on VPN technology. Use the EAGLE to address this issue.

Control Room Switches

The LION 24-TP series of Control Room switches interconnect a workgroup with a variable number of end users and offer a highperformance connection to the backbone. The availability of the network in this applications meets the requirements comparable to typical office environment.

Modular Gigabit ETHERNET Switches

The MACH backbone switch is a genuine all rounder and is capable of handling any application with a variety of media modules and the extendable IP routing functionality. The Mach series switches are used in particular where large networks are set up under industrial environmental conditions and where therefore special performance characteristics, such as availability and failure safety are concerned.

Network Management

HiVision and HiOPC enable secure and easy configuration as well as the monitoring of industrial network components in real time. The Operator Edition permits at-a-glance monitoring of network status by mapping the network with its complete hierarchical structure and topology.

System Accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories completes the Hirschmann product portfolio. Our accessories are tailored perfectly to the product families, offering practical solutions for any application.