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Industrial Laser Marking FlyMAX | 20W

Supplier: Industrial Laser

FLY is the smallest DPSS laser module available on the market.

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The unique modular concept is configured for easy integration into any industrial production line. A distinct benefit is that the FLY has an open architecture with two microprocessor sub-systems. These sub-systems provide real time control and work independently of the server while also maintaining the critical functions of the system, i.e. the diodes and the cooling unit. FLY's design concept allows integration into a production line by easily interfacing to an existing PLC system. Communication is by RS232 or TCP/IP that utilises the Client/Server concept or by digital signals (Start-Stop/Fault/Marking in progress).

Fly's Advanced Modular Structure

Easy Maintenance: either of the two system modules can be interchanged by simply unplugging the units for replacement. This eliminates mistakes and the need to disconnect cables, brackets, etc.
Smart Connector: The Laser and the Control Box are connected with one connector.
Interchangeable: The substitution of the power supply module and of the laser-cartridge allows the user to transform the FLY to an IR diode laser of 20-50-70W or to a Green laser.


Laser - Fly has an excellent beam quality together with a very high marking speed. It has been completely manufactured with stainless steel to ensure a very long life even in the most demanding environments. The laser module has been designed with an accurate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to achieve a rigid and stable structure of very low weight, without loss of rigidity.

Box - The chiller unit has a cooling capacity of 1500W in spite of its extremely compact dimensions. A digital regulator stabilises the fluid temperature in a range of a few tenths of a degree, insuring a stable laser operation in all conditions. To insure that the laser works properly in extreme hot environments (with room temperatures higher than 40°C), the cooling unit is equipped with a very powerful fan whose speed is electronically controlled using particular transducers that measure the gas pressure in the cooling unit. This reduces the noise to a minimum in normal environmental conditions.

Control - For complete control of fly and of the commands received by the operator, 37 important parameters of the laser marking are measured 3 times every second and saved in a log database. Moreover all the external events of the laser requested by the operator or by the production line and relating to the motors (if installed) are recorded and saved.

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