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Industrial LPG System | Space Heating

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Industrial manufacturing and commercial warehousing premises can be cold, draughty places that are poorly insulated.

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High ventilation rates and excessive outside air infiltration with poor draft control at doorways, leading to high wind induced cold air inflows, can make these places chilly, difficult to work in and uncomfortable for employees.

Benefits Of Industrial LPG System | Space Heating

There are definite advantages to businesses in heating storage places and work areas. Although these are well known and accepted they cannot always be valued easily in direct financial terms.

The benefits of Industrial LPG System | Space Heating are interrelated and include:

  • Increased Worker Productivity - A warmer work space will help to reduce absenteeism, sick leave, lower labour turnover and diminish work place accidents, because employees are less stressed and more alert.
  • Improved Production Quality - A happier more alert staff will be more innovative and produce better product quality, with fewer mistakes and less wastage.
  • Lower Production Costs - Increased productivity and improved product quality will help to lower insurance premiums, reduce Workcare claims, minimise staff supervision needs and training requirements.
  • Reduced Loss Of Stored Goods - Warmer warehouse and storage spaces help to avoid losses associated with moisture condensation, mould formation and general spoilage of stored products.
  • Improved Cold Weather Production Equipment Operation - Maintaining a reasonably constant temperature in production areas can help to reduce machinery and computer breakdowns and adjustments cause by thermal stresses induced by large variations in workspace temperatures.

Overall, the advantage to business of heated premises is increased profit, especially in areas of cold climate conditions.

By realising these benefits business will become more competitive and increase sales of quality product at lower cost.

However, to provide these benefits effectively and at minimum cost, it is essential to choose the most appropriate heating system to suit the building type and the activities that are carried about within it.

This fact sheet outlines some of the options available together with indicative operating and installation costs.

Any installation decisions need to be made with the advice of qualified equipment suppliers, installers and contractors and in compliance with all necessary regulations and building codes.

Industrial LPG System | Space Heating

There is a variety of gas fuelled heating systems, using convection or radiation which will suit almost any industrial and commercial need.

Convective heating requires large quantities of circulating heated air while radiant heating relies on infrared radiation to selected areas where the intervening air and the surroundings receive heat only incidentally.

In many industrial installations both systems are used together. Industrial heating systems can be further grouped as:

1. Convective Air Heating

  • Direct Fired Air Systems
  • Indirect Fired Air Systems Steam
  • Hot Water Systems

2. Radiant Heating

  • Direct Fired
  • Indirect Fired

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