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Industrial Markers - Signet

Supplier: Signet

Signet offers a wide array of markers, for use in all industries, designed to write on any surface possible.

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What most people might not realise is that there are numerous types of industrial markers than just the humble "permanent marker" so take a look at the quick guide below to ensure you are using the correct type.

Permanent Markers

Signet stocks the most popular brand markers to ensure you can always find your favourite marker. These brands include Artline, Pentel and Mon Ami. Permanent markers are the everyday, general use option which leaves a
permanent and waterproof mark. These markers will mark most surfaces and are suitable for most commercial purposes. The selection includes:

  • Bullet point and chisel point
  • Markers in black, blue, red and green
  • Xylene and Toluene free options available
  • Budget option available (ideal for when you lose more than you use)

Paint Markers

Paint markers are typically used for industrial and trade applications as they leave a permanent mark on most indoor and outdoor surfaces. Signet stocks both the Pentel brand and Diagraph brand paint markers, with the Diagraph GP-X markers only available through Signet. This selection includes:

  • White, yellow and black markers available
  • Opaque, permanent marking which is fast drying and highly legible
  • Valve control device pens available
  • Xylene free option available

Varied Feature Marker Pens

This range includes pens that are used for marking, but that differ from the typical marking pen. Again these pens are by favoured brands Pentel and Artline.

  •  Jumbo Markers
    • Ideal for when a bold mark is required on larger objects
    • Chisel point in either black, blue or red
  • Retractable Markers
    • Designed with a retractable tip, so there is no lid to lose which can reduce costs
    • Has a safety lock mechanism to prevent accidental marking
  • Fine Point Markers
    • A slim body marker with a convenient pocket clip
    • Designed with a fine point acrylic fibre bullet tip
  • M10 Pen

Signet's exclusive M10 pen is essentially a durable metal barrel which houses a felt nib. Ink is run into the M10 pen for years of faithful marking. This pen is highly multipurpose as it can be used with ink for either porous surfaces or non-porous surfaces, and replacement nibs are always available.


This marker is typically used for the roughest and toughest of surfaces as it doesn’t have a felt tip to damage. It consists of a hardy and flexible plastic bottle which screws into a ball valve writing head and leaves an opaque, permanent and bright mark. The Ballmarker is also available in different sizes to meet your application  requirements.

Marking Crayons

Crayons are an ink-free marking alternative which are most commonly used on lumber, meat or in refrigerated environments.

  • Lumber Crayons
    • Used mostly for marking timber, but are also useful for government applications, engineering and construction
  • Andy Crayons
    • For use in damp and refrigerated conditions on timber, leather, glass, tyres and waxed cartons
    • Fluoro options are available as they are sensor recognisable with some automatic saws and dockers
  • Meat Marking Crayons
    • Designed for marking meat or hides
    • Available in either blue or red, these crayons are approved for export

Marking Paint

Aerosol paint is another marking alternative, used mostly for larger applications. Signet manufactures these paints on site so can guarantee the quality and durability. There are two different marking paints: Spot Marking Spray and Fluoro Marking Spray, with the key difference being the nozzle.

  • Spot Marking Spray
    • Ideal for marking roadworks, building sites, golf courses and sporting areas
    • Available in 8 standard and 7 fluoro colours
  • Fluoro Marking Spray
    • Paint is made with a built in fluorescing capability which means your marks brighten to strong, highly visible colour within minutes
    • Ideal for forestry, timber and local government authorities

For further information about Industrial Markers visit www.signet.net.au or use the Industry Search e-mail feature below and one of the Signet team will respond shortly.