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Some will say that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become the holy grail of online marketing and that it can make or break a company.
SMEs dipping their toes into digital marketing – and even businesses with an established web presence determined to climb a few more rungs of the Google ladder – often find the term 'SEO' an overwhelming hurdle.
Rarely will you hear a story about a new product that was so innovative and so necessary, that it attracted attention from the moment it hit the market with little marketing to get sales rolling in. Effective marketing connects great ideas with eager buyers.
Online B2B marketing strategy means finding ways of attracting visitors to your business website, right? Wrong. In reality website referrals can often be one of the least important metrics to assess the performance and progress of a holistic marketing platform.
Planning your marketing budget   10th April 2014
Marketing is vital for the growth of any business because it drives brand awareness and directly or indirectly generates revenue, but one key element of marketing strategy is sometimes overlooked – the budget.
Thought leadership is a buzzword in content marketing, and with good reason. The value of thought leadership pieces is their ability to promote your brand as the expert in the field.
If an image speaks a thousand words, imagine the promotional possibilities of showcasing your technology in action, or verbally and visually sharing your knowledge with an audience of eager buyers.


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